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College campus transportation systems usually make use of fixed route buses with critical schedules. Some may also involve demand responsive transit and point-to-point shuttle operations. Management of these high-volume operations requires fast, efficient and reliable data communication, vehicle monitoring and real-time reporting. Ecolane specializes in providing robust solutions that meet the needs of university campus transit management personnel with unrivaled performance
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Today’s universities are fast-paced environments, serving faculty and students of various levels of ability with demanding schedules. The “hustle and bustle” of a college campus may demand more from transit providers than even the largest metropolitan areas. Ecolane helps organizations meet the needs of these unique communities and deliver safe, reliable transportation. Here are just a few of the features our solutions offer:

  • Improved on-time performance
  • GPS-verified pickup and arrival
  • Expedited incident handling and rescheduling or rerouting
  • Better communication with passengers via SMS
  • Less manual input for drivers for improved safety
  • Real-time reporting and automated updates
  • Fully automated DRT dispatching and monitoring
  • Real-time driver behavior monitoring
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Increase Productivity AND RE-ENGAGE STUDENTS

With our secure, powerful, web-based tools in hand, your campus transit management staff will interact more efficiently, in a less stressful environment. Our proven solutions increase productivity and give our clients the opportunity to re-engage with the community, even one as diverse as a university.

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See first hand how you can create a more efficient and effective transit operation with modern scheduling, routing, tracking & reporting from Ecolane. 
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