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Transportation Dispatch Software Driver Scheduling

Scheduling and dispatching headaches used to be commonplace. Ecolane's DRT platform has made them obsolete with a turn-key, web-based software package, securely accessed via modern web browsers. The DRT platform provides real-time, logic-based schedule optimization, providing transit operations of all sizes with a number of critical advantages, including:

Trip Booking & Reservation Management System

  • Automated Real-Time Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Completely Web-Based
  • Group Trips And Batching Functionality
  • Flex Routes & Fixed Route Schedule Lookup w/ GTFS Integration
  • Trip Importer
  • Eligibility Management
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The Ecolane demand-responsive transportation (DRT) software makes scheduling and booking trips easy and seamless.  Our cloud-based system enables your riders to schedule trips by phone, user portal, or even via our mobile app.  Once a trip is scheduled, it is automatically fit into the manifest, including trips scheduled on the day of service.  Reservationists, dispatchers, and drivers are able to view the update instantaneously.

Group trips and batching functionality enable riders to specify the number of people taking a trip so the driver will always know if they are picking up one person or more when it appears on the vehicles mobile data tablet (MDT).

Rider & Customer Experience Extensions

  • Self-Service Web Portal
  • Self-Service Mobile App
  • Alexa Integration
  • SMS Arrival Notifications
  • Ecolane IVR Hosted Solution Interface
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Ecolane delivers your riders a world-class user experience by ensuring they not only have mobility and independence, but that they have control of their own schedules.  We offer rider-facing tools such as a self-service portal they can access directly online, a mobile app, and even a skill for Alexa devices that utilize interactive voice response (IVR) to enable self-bookings. This allows riders the freedom to use the methods they're most comfortable with, thereby improving their customer satisfaction.

Agencies also benefit from these user-friendly options. Avoiding being inundated with phone calls from riders to book trips or to simply check the status of their vehicles saves a great deal of time.  It allows schedulers and dispatchers to focus on broader issues while customers enjoy the ease and convenience of getting answers without extended time on the phone (and possibly missing their pick-ups).  Using GPS technology, riders are able to see the location of their vehicles on the app up to the moment of arrival. They also have the ability to receive arrival notifications on their phones when the vehicle is approaching the pick-up location.

Fleet Management & Safety Features

  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Two-Way Messaging via MDT
  • Vehicle Maintenance Functions
  • Pre & Post Trip Inspections
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Ecolane's demand-responsive transportation (DRT) solution employs automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology via GPS.  Schedulers and dispatchers can track and monitor any vehicle within their fleet in real-time and see a comprehensive list of data, such as:

  • Vehicle location
  • Where a vehicle is headed
  • If a driver needs to change course to accommodate a same-day trip, cancellation, or no-show
  • What time a driver picked up and dropped off a rider
  • Much more...

The mobile data tablet (MDT) makes it easy and seamless for drivers to adjust to changes in the day.  In addition, Ecolane offers premier pre and post-trip vehicle inspection software that measures the internal and external conditions of a vehicle, operated by the driver and run on the MDT before departure for the day and after the vehicle is shut down for the night.  The performance measurements align with municipal, state, and federal requirements, and agencies can get deeper insights into the vehicles' conditions over and above those requirements.  The software is customizable, so agencies can require other items to pass inspection prior to departure or shutdown.  This commitment to safety is one more way Ecolane and its agency customers place people first.

Intelligent Operations Management

  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Custom Configurations
  • Real-Time Report Generation
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Electronic Signature Capture via MDT
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Ecolane's DRT platform handle the scheduling and dispatching of trips and pass them off to mobile data tablets (MDTs) installed in vehicles.  The solution provides real-time information updates to drivers including same-day schedule changes due to trip cancellations, no-shows, or even traffic congestion.  The result is maximized efficiency and optimized productivity in the agency’s use of their resources.

With the automated DRT solution, transit agency employees are able to focus their efforts on service monitoring and proactive problem solving in order to provide the highest quality of service for their riders.  Continuous, real-time data collection from the MDTs also enable accurate reporting and billing reviews at any time.

Additionally, the web-based user interface provides agencies with comprehensive information regarding their service as well as the tools needed to effectively manage and monitor their operations.

Financial Operations Management

  • Billing and Payments
  • Faring and Funding Configurations
  • Compliance and Auditing Configurations
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Ecolane's demand-responsive transportation (DRT) software does much more than automated scheduling. It also has a configurable billing module for calculating trip fares, transportation provider costs, and funding source costs.  It will calculate these costs seamlessly, so there is no manual work done by the agency or by the rider.

At the time a rider schedules a trip, the system will automatically calculate the rider fare based on the location, distance to the destination, and number of riders.  The charge is then applied upon actual boarding.  Since this is all performed automatically on the back-end, the agency can concentrate on optimizing their operations and servicing as many riders per day as possible while not having to worry about payment collection.   The system also has compliance and auditing functions in place to ensure that full payment is applied, as every ride scheduled has its unique set of charges depending on the nature of the trip and the number of passengers.

Broker / Provider Integration

  • Provider Portal
  • Brokerage Management
  • Centers Portal
  • TNC Integration
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Brokers and coordinators have the ability to manage large fleets composed of many different providers and then track those vehicles in real-time. Brokers can choose to have the system assign trips based on the least-cost provider and providers can access a portal to accept and reject trips, make dispatch adjustments in real-time, and report essential changes.

Ecolane's brokerage solution builds upon the flexibility of the coordinator model while also integrating features designed to meet the complex billing needs of brokers.  With this solution, brokers are able to blend their business seamlessly with additional provider contracts to achieve a truly centralized call intake and scheduling environment.

Learn more about Ecolane's Coordinated Transit / Brokerage solution.

Professional Services

  • Discovery and Risk Assessment
  • System Set-Up and Customization
  • Dedicated Training Team
  • Live Support Team
  • Annual Review and Operations Audit
  • Test Server
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Ecolane's professional services and implementation team conduct thorough agency audits and assess areas for optimization, specific to the way your organization is run.  By reviewing performance metrics, Ecolane is able to identify areas for improvement and enhancement. At that point, our team will configure and customize your demand-responsive transportation (DRT) system.

Our professional services team is dedicated to ensuring a thorough understanding of the DRT system prior to your agency going live. We don't "implement and leave" without ensuring your comfort with the system. Even after training is complete and your implementation is live, Ecolane's support is continually available to answer any questions.  We also perform annual reviews and performance operations audits, as needed, to ensure our customers are getting the very most out of their implementations. This is a differentiator for Ecolane in the way we work and our belief in the critical role our product plays in a customer's operations.

System Security Management

  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Security Enhancements at Data Centers
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As a hosted service for transit agencies, Ecolane DRT provides significant cost savings with no compromises on security.    Ecolane’s hosted solution also minimizes staff costs, as there is very little involvement from an agency’s IT group beyond ensuring internet connections remain active.  Ecolane’s Professional Services group has extensive knowledge and experience with the hosting environment, further ensuring the solution is configured to deliver the maximum performance.

Ecolane utilizes enterprise-class data centers that provide mission-critical networking, hosting, and communication services.  The operation of the data center network and its associated services are monitored 24/7/365 and utilize redundant infrastructure as well as constructional protection to minimize the possibility of network interruptions.  Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), climate control, networking, fire protection and suppression, raised semiconducting floors, and constructional / security protections are all put in place to guarantee enterprise-level support and attention. Have further questions about our hosting reliability, just let us know.

DRT Transportation and Demand Response Platform

Mobile Data

  • Vehicle Locations In Real-Time
  • Faster Dispatching
  • Instant Schedule Manifest Updates
  • Android-based solution
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Ecolane's Mobile App

Riding with us just keeps getting better.

We now have an innovative mobile app which is fully integrated with our signature Demand-Response Software.

Passengers will gain three convenient benefits:
  • Flexibility to Manage Trips
  • Convenient Trip Details View
  • Simple, User-friendly Mobile Interface
Our agency partners will also benefit by:
  • Streamlined Scheduling Operations
  • Decreased Trip Losses
  • Customized Offerings
Transportation Dispatch Software Driver Scheduling
Demand Responsive Transit and DRT App

Alexa devices

The Ecolane Skill for Alexa enables users to book, change, and review upcoming trips by using interactive voice response (IVR).  There are no buttons to push or small screens to read.  Just tell Alexa what you want to do.  Some of the main features include:

  • Simple voice control functionality to schedule, change, or cancel trips
  • Automatically calculates fares and informs customers
  • Tracks customer pick-up vehicles up to the time of arrival
  • Comprehensive integration with Ecolane DRT negates the need for schedulers to spend time manually entering trips, or changing trip details, so they can focus on broader customer issues

Pre/Post Inspections

Stay compliant with your vehicle's state and daily safety requirements by performing a paperless inspection at the beginning of the day before departure and at the end of the day before shutdown.

  • Inspection performed using MDT, so there is no additional software or hardware needed
  • Be sure you meet all federal, state, and municipal requirements every day
  • Paperless reporting
  • Customizeable menu options

Small / Medium Sized Agencies

For agencies that typically have between
15-200 vehicles and perform fewer than 2,000 daily trips, learn more about our tailored services.

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Large / Enterprise Sized Agencies

For agencies that typically have more than 200 vehicles and perform between 2,000-8,000 daily trips, learn how Ecolane can help streamline your operations.

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