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Calculating Savings after Implementing DRT Solutions

a Simple Transit ROI CALCULATOR

How much can your agency really save with ecolane?

In transit, return on investment is critically important.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that one of Ecolane’s most realized benefits is an agency’s ability to see a true return from their investment in our software. Recognizing that every organization may run differently and distinctly, Ecolane’s platform takes that into account and delivers results independent of operational processes. This is a differentiator in our business and with our product.  

In an effort to bridge the gap between expectations and results, we have developed a simple application that calculates a transit agency’s annual ROI when utilizing Ecolane DRT software. By answering just three questions, agencies can determine how much they might expect to save. Give it a try.


Disclaimer: Ecolane is providing the ROI Calculator as a service to explore potential cost savings when utilizing our DRT software. The estimates provided by the ROI Calculator can help determine whether to further consider Ecolane software as a business solution. The ROI Calculator only provides estimates and such estimates are not a guarantee of savings. Ecolane provides this application "as is", and disclaims all warranties and conditions, either expressed, or implied. By using the ROI Calculator, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this Disclaimer


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