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Mobile App Launch

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Sep 26, '17

Release Date: October 9th, 2017

Ecolane is excited to announce the launch of our innovative mobile app which is fully integrated with Ecolane DRT, our signature Demand Response Software. Ecolane is your trusted transportation software partner and the leader in continuous real time optimization resulting in huge savings for your transit agency.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our research into modern day trends shows that transit riders have higher expectations of their travel-experience than ever before.  We have developed the Ecolane NEXT App to help meet and exceed those expectations, while maintaining our commitment to autonomous scheduling solutions.  

With the 95% of Americans owning a cellphone and 77% owning a smartphone
, now more than ever is the time to put transportation management in the palm of your hands. 

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PACE Transportation Services for Seniors

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Aug 11, '17

Senior transportation services are becoming more sought-after and popular as a large portion of the population, namely Baby Boomers, continues to age and retire. We see no signs of this ‘Silver Tsunami’ phenomenon slowing down any time soon, which begs the question, “How can we create more adaptable and livable communities for our seniors so they can age in place?”

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Balancing Customer Expectations and Agency Expectations in Transit

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Jul 24, '17

In the paratransit industry, it’s often a balancing act for agencies trying to meet the expectations of their customers in addition to meeting the expectations they have set for their own operations.

Customer expectations and agency expectations can often align, as many of the critical transit metrics that agencies measure operations with are a direct reflection of how well the agency is meeting customer expectations.

But what happens when a transit agency is not able to find that balance?

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Demand Response Management Systems That Work for Paratransit

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Jul 14, '17

You’ve heard the story before, or maybe you’ve even experienced it firsthand: a transit agency invests a lot of time, money, and additional resources into their paratransit software only to find that their operations are still experiencing inefficiencies and roadblocks.

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Topics: Transit Trends, Demand Response Software

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Options are Improving Quality of Life

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Jun 27, '17

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a critical service available for individuals who would otherwise not be able to get to important medical appointments. Access to transportation plays an important role in maintaining an individual’s health, and whether it is due to physical limitations or other circumstances, standard fixed-route public transportation may not always be available or the best option for these individuals.

However, with the NEMT options that are available, transportation is still able to keep these individuals connected to their healthcare providers and able to attend their appointments on a regular basis in a cost-effective and convenient way.

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Topics: Transit Trends, Demand Response Software

3 Reasons Every Vehicle Should Use Mobile Data Tablet Tracking Software

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Jun 16, '17

Has your transit agency adopted a MDT software solution yet? If it hasn’t, your drivers, your passengers, and your agency operations overall could be suffering.

MDT software brings a number of benefits to an agency and can help improve overall operational efficiency. Here are three reasons why every fleet vehicle your agency has should use mobile data tablet tracking software.

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Topics: Transit Trends, Demand Response Software

Routing & Scheduling Transit Software Benefits for Large Agencies

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, May 26, '17

Public transit agencies face a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. If you put a group of transit directors and operations managers in the same room to talk about the issues they face, you would find they have a lot in common and can sympathize with one another.

While most agencies face common challenges and pain points, it’s true that these issues can be greatly impacted by the size of the agency.

The larger the transit agency, the more challenges arise that need to be addressed.

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Topics: Transit Trends, Demand Response Software

Improving Demand Response Transit Metrics

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, May 22, '17

When it comes to operating a successful transit agency, it is essential to manage critical metrics for performance. Metrics such as customer satisfaction data, safety and maintenance data, operational efficiency, and better resource management are all tell-tale measures to the health and success of an organization. Finding the best way to maintain healthy analytics can be tough, but by leveraging modern demand response software many agencies, especially mid to large size agencies, have been able to not only maintain but improve critical transit operations metrics. Before you take the first step to improving analytics it is vitally important to understand the nuances and signs that will help identify areas of improvement or target areas that can help create more success. This article outlines some examples of finding areas of improvement and how modern software can improve critical transit metrics. 

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Topics: Demand Response Software

FAQ about Demand Responsive Transit Optimization Solutions

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Apr 28, '17

Demand responsive transit optimization through modern software and an expert team can help to improve critical transit metrics and avoid operational inefficiency for many transit agencies across the country. The most effective way to leverage modern technology is to work with the software provider to troubleshoot any issues or forecast common problems and frequently asked questions that may arise. This blog offers insight into how Ecolane's expert professional services team can solve problems and what common issues and questions generally come up with regards to route scheduling software

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3 Trends We See in States Looking for Statewide Providers

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Apr 17, '17

Outdated, legacy software and administrative issues have both plagued many transit agencies for years. Trying to keep up with a faced-paced environment while still offering quality services to riders has become increasingly difficult. With technology and innovation now playing a larger role in driving the industry, many agencies are moving away from traditional and old-school software contracts and towards more forward-thinking and technology-driven partners. As a company with proven expertise in servicing both rural and urban agencies, we wanted to outline three major trends we're seeing for states considering statewide software providers.

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Topics: Transit Trends

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