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Routing & Scheduling Transit Software Benefits for Large Agencies

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, May 26, '17

Public transit agencies face a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. If you put a group of transit directors and operations managers in the same room to talk about the issues they face, you would find they have a lot in common and can sympathize with one another.

While most agencies face common challenges and pain points, it’s true that these issues can be greatly impacted by the size of the agency.

The larger the transit agency, the more challenges arise that need to be addressed.

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Improving Demand Response Transit Metrics

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, May 22, '17

When it comes to operating a successful transit agency, it is essential to manage critical metrics for performance. Metrics such as customer satisfaction data, safety and maintenance data, operational efficiency, and better resource management are all tell-tale measures to the health and success of an organization. Finding the best way to maintain healthy analytics can be tough, but by leveraging modern demand response software many agencies, especially mid to large size agencies, have been able to not only maintain but improve critical transit operations metrics. Before you take the first step to improving analytics it is vitally important to understand the nuances and signs that will help identify areas of improvement or target areas that can help create more success. This article outlines some examples of finding areas of improvement and how modern software can improve critical transit metrics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Demand Responsive Transit Optimization Solutions

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Apr 28, '17

Demand responsive transit optimization through modern software and an expert team can help to improve critical transit metrics and avoid operational inefficiency for many transit agencies across the country. The most effective way to leverage modern technology is to work with the software provider to troubleshoot any issues or forecast common problems and frequently asked questions that may arise. This blog offers insight into how Ecolane's expert professional services team can solve problems and what common issues and questions generally come up with regards to route scheduling software

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3 Trends We See in States Looking for Statewide Providers

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Apr 17, '17

Outdated, legacy software and administrative issues have both plagued many transit agencies for years. Trying to keep up with a faced-paced environment while still offering quality services to riders has become increasingly difficult. With technology and innovation now playing a larger role in driving the industry, many agencies are moving away from traditional and old-school software contracts and towards more forward-thinking and technology-driven partners. As a company with proven expertise in servicing both rural and urban agencies, we wanted to outline three major trends we're seeing for states considering statewide software providers.

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3 Reasons Ohio Agencies Adopt Transit Route Optimization Software

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Mar 21, '17

The public transportation industry faces some major challenges in this fast-paced, on-demand, digital era that we live in today and Ohio is no exception. The business climate demands agility and customer-centric technology solutions that allow people to have everything they need to interact with your business in the palm of their hand. As one of just three preferred transit software providers in the state of Ohio (along with TripSpark and CTS), Ecolane is well-positioned to work with agencies in the state that are ready to adapt to this tumultuous business climate. Below are three ways that modern transit software will help Ohio agencies compete and grow in the face of these heavy and obstructive challenges facing them today and why Ecolane is the best choice to support those operations. 

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How to Fix Your OTP, No-Show Rates, and Other Critical Transit Metrics

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Feb 28, '17

In this modern and innovative world that we live in, many transit agencies find themselves having trouble keeping up with the times, specifically, when it comes to the growing need in the community for instant gratification and unbelievably fast service. This coupled with limited capacity can result in declining on-time performance (OTP) or other service quality issues. Throughout this article, we will introduce you to the main factors that affect these transit metrics and the solutions that our team of experts and other industry professionals have implemented to combat them.

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Is it Time for a Change? 3 Ways You Should be Evaluating Your Transit Operations for Efficiency

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Feb 24, '17

Many transit organizations go through growing pains related to operational efficiency, operational capacity, and administrative hardships. For management teams, evaluating current transit operations can highlight what is causing inefficiencies. Once the areas of improvement have been identified, the next step will be to create a plan of action to make the improvements.  We have identified the 3 main pain points that we have noticed with transit agencies looking to make a change and our experts have outlined how to find them and what to do to set the action plan in motion.

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The Age of the Transit Rider: How Agencies Can Respond Effectively

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Feb 20, '17

With rising demands from an influx of new riders and technological advances, being agile and responsive is no easy task in the paratransit industry. Under pressure from changing demographics, financial challenges, and a need for new technology, paratransit agencies will have to adapt and create a quality experience for riders. In this environment, the riders will dictate changes and shape the future of paratransit. By leveraging modern paratransit software, agencies will be able to make major changes to operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Top 3 Mistakes Paratransit Agencies are Making for the New Year

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Feb 13, '17

Paratransit agencies have some tough competition and challenges facing them going into 2017 and we are already seeing some agencies making a few common mistakes. With the need for paratransit growing, it will be important for these agencies to identify the gaffes that they are making and implement a plan of action to eliminate those errors moving forward. Below, we have outlined the 3 most common mistakes that we have seen so far. 

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Transit Grants 101: Finding Them, Applying for Them, and Getting Them

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Jan 30, '17

Financial challenges can hinder any agency’s productivity and growth with the inability to implement new strategy and new route scheduling software. The only answer to these challenges is to find funding that can free up budget to allocate to the growth and efficiency needs of any organization. The way to do this is to identify the various transit grants that are available, apply for the grants that will work for you, and follow through with the process to receive the grant. Fortunately, you are not alone in the game as we have outlined these steps in more detail to help you better understand and find more success with the grant application process.

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