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How to Get Feedback From Elusive Enterprise Software Users

Posted by Jake Buto on Sat, Mar 17, '18

As a product manager, one of the most important parts of your job is getting feedback from real live customers, aggregating this feedback, turning it into a viable feature, and eventually passing it along to the engineering team for development.

However, what do you do when the first step in this process seems difficult, if not impossible?This can be a massive problem when dealing with a highly specialized enterprise product as opposed to a broad consumer one. With consumer products, the number of potential users is huge, allowing for random user-testing through the dozens of survey-oriented websites available. However, in order to get any meaningful feedback on an enterprise product, you often need to find a user with a certain baseline level of industry-specific knowledge. This can be a problem for product managers, as these specialized users are often scarce.

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Topics: Product Development, Product, Customer Feedback

Be a Change Agent: Transitioning From Legacy DRT Software to Real-time Automated Software!

Posted by Priscilla Vargas on Mon, Feb 19, '18

Are you the type of person that embraces change, or are you resistant to change because you cannot predict the future? If you answered yes to the latter you’re not alone.  There are many reasons why we are resistant to change, including, but not limited to the fear of the unknown, mistrust and loss of control.

This blog offers convincing evidence into how Ecolane’s real-time route scheduling software will help you make a change from your legacy DRT software to real-time continuous automated software, in order to keep pace with 21st century modern technology and 21st century demands on service as baby boomers continue to age.   Change isn’t simply embracing the unknown — it’s about giving up something you are used to for something new and better.

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Topics: Demand Response Software, Transportation Management, Paratransit Software

What's Next For Transportation?

Posted by Jake Buto on Fri, Feb 2, '18

Given that people spend so much of their lives traveling, it's no surprise that so many startups are interested in tackling problems in the transportation industry. Although there has been a lot of hype surrounding electric vehicles, here are three other markets that are likely to emerge as central to the world of transportation in the coming decade:

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Topics: Transit Trends, Transportation Management, Product Development

It's January, 2018 - Let's Talk About GOALS!

Posted by Susan Starwalt on Fri, Jan 19, '18

 “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” – Tony Robbins

Successful people set goals – it’s how they stay focused and avoid distractions.  I hate resolutions; mine are out the window by the end of the 1st week of January!  Goals are a different story, they can be set at any time but it’s the New Year and there’s no better time than the present, but I will NOT call them resolutions!

Goal setting isn’t typically done in 5 minutes.  Take a few days to reflect on the things that make you truly happy, write them down and prioritize them.  Start with the goal that is easiest to attain – success breeds success.

Everyone’s heard about SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timed.  Be sure that you set not only professional but personal goals as well – it’s remarkable how the two intertwine.

Not every agency can be the APTA or CTAA Agency of the year but those that have been selected, had a goal and it motivated them to do their very best.  Your goal doesn’t have to be a System of the Year type of goal but what ever it is, make sure it’s impactful and that you hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Check out 3 ways to start the year right by incorporating goals into your transit software improvement (regardless who your provider is):

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Topics: Demand Response Software, Transportation Management

Transit Technology Spotlight: Why Onboard Cameras can be an Agency's Greatest Tool

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Jan 2, '18

It is no secret that we live in a day and age where privacy has become a growing concern. Like so many industries, these concerns are especially prevalent in transit. With the increasing use of vehicular onboard cameras, topics around privacy and safety come to the forefront. Although many improvements and innovations have been made to help ease certain tensions around cameras, most people might agree they serve an important purpose. In just the past decade, onboard cameras have become essential to transit operations and have positively impacted the lives of drivers and passengers in numerous ways. 

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Topics: Transit Trends

5 Reasons Why Paratransit is Missing the Mark

Posted by Michael J. Blaylock on Wed, Dec 27, '17

Improving paratransit service is no easy task. Each action taken to make improvements uncovers more that need to be fixed. However, the pressure to improve the quality and productivity of paratransit service remains constant and will likely only increase as the U.S. demographics shift toward an aging population that is living much longer than before. Maintaining the status quo is simply not in the cards if you are trying to improve service productivity and hold the line on budget expenditures.  In order to find a solution, it’s important to first know what is hindering success. In this article, we give detailed insight into exactly what those problem areas are as you start the process of finding solutions.

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Topics: Paratransit Software, Paratransit

3 Critical Data Errors to Fix Before Implementing Your Newest Transit Software

Posted by Ecolane on Wed, Dec 13, '17

If you're planning to implement automated scheduling and dispatch software for your transit agency, avoiding data entry errors is the best way of maximizing and optimizing your scheduling and routing efforts.

The key to avoiding data entry errors in software is to ensure a process for data review beforehand.

Below is a list of just three sources of common errors we see:

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Topics: Company News

7 Fantastic Ways Efficient Transit Providers Benefit Community & Environment

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Dec 1, '17

Understanding the importance of how efficient transit providers benefit the community and the environment is crucial to a successful operation. Efficiency conserves fuel, saves money and helps the environment. Efficiency also gets passengers where they need to go faster and with added ease. The benefits are almost too numerous to count. 

Below are 7 considerations:

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Topics: Transit Trends

The NEXT Mobile App: Mobility in the Palm of Your Hands

Posted by Ecolane on Wed, Nov 15, '17

It seems these days that so much of what we do in our lives has become better because of mobile apps. Everything from fitness apps to food delivery apps, and now mobility apps. At Ecolane, we have recognized a great need for transit agencies and riders alike to have an app that puts the power of mobility into the palm of your hand.

Here are a few ways our NEXT mobile app can help:

Enhance Safety

If you are a transit agency, you can identify with the large focus that has been placed on rider safety and customer satisfaction. Without the right technology infrastructure in place, it will be difficult to meet industry safety metrics.

Our NEXT app can help transit agencies streamline their scheduling operations and have more visibility into the rider’s experience and operator management.

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Topics: Demand Response Software, Mobile App, Transportation Management

Helpful Tips for Writing Your Transportation Software RFP

Posted by Ecolane on Thu, Oct 26, '17

As a transit agency employee, you get to experience the ins and outs of just about every department, from maintenance, cleaning, accounting, sometimes even as a driver. In fact, you’re probably involved in the decision-making but also tasked with the follow-through of nearly every project. You know what works well for your agency and what needs improvement.

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Topics: Transit Trends, Demand Response Software

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