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Why Ecolane?

Ecolane offers a complete line of products and services designed to enable transit providers to better serve their communities. Our innovative solutions allow dispatchers and drivers to focus on providing reliable, efficient service, while leaving the complex logistics of demand-responsive software and fixed route transit systems to modern, intelligent tools that make a real difference in an agency's operations.

At the administrative level, Ecolane’s software provides a suite of powerful, platform-independent tools and services to manage, monitor and assess system and employee performance in real-time. We put the power of modern technology in the hands of staff and provide the training and support to maximize its potential. Ecolane is committed to providing software and support services for our customers that yield an immediate increase in productivity. That commitment is reflected in each of our products and services. For our clients, higher productivity means both an increase in customer satisfaction as well as the opportunity to save money, two critical needs among transit organizations.

How our system works

Ecolane's DRT Solutions and Transportation Software

mobility solutions for...

Paratransit Dispatch Software


From small and medium regional transit operations to large, enterprise agencies, Ecolane's platform is flexible and reliable enough to work for everyone.
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Mobility on Demand

mobility on demand

Providing riders the ability to schedule and manage their personal transportation from the convenience of a mobile application.
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Our software offers solutions for MaaS, microtransit, first mile last mile and other mobility needs.  
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Routing and Scheduling Software


Ecolane’s NEMT/Brokerage solution provides transportation brokers the ability to schedule effectively, identify public transportation solutions and process claims within a single interface.
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Future Transportation Technology


Whether you manage a PACE agency, school, hospital, or senior living campus, getting riders to their destinations quickly and safely is critical.  
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ECOLANE SOLVES the most COMMON ISSUES IN Transit operationS

Ecolane understands that agencies face a variety of operational challenges every day, but many still hesitate to upgrade from familiar legacy systems to new, modern software platforms.  We’re here to make that transition smooth, so your agency can operate at its maximum efficiency level.  Described below are some of the most common problems agencies face on a daily basis and the Ecolane transit solutions that address them head-on.

Demand Response Management System and

Reporting takes way too much time.

“We see real-time information reports that tell us how the service is working.  That doesn’t help us only on the day of service, but in the future, we can save on our fleet costs.  You can really see the accuracy of the information and we can plan for how we need better navigate the system to increase our efficiencies."
- Austin O’Dell, Santa Maria Area Transit

SolutionReal-time reporting & analytics

Ecolane's mobile data tablets (MDTs) are connected to the demand-responsive transportation (DRT) software, which enables agencies to access data points in real-time. Understanding when a driver shows up and departs a location, when there are no-shows, when there are cancellations, which hours are at peak and at low productivity, and many other metrics are all tracked throughout the day.  This has been proven to be valuable information both on the day of service and for planning and forecasting purposes.

Demand Response Software

Every time I have a last minute trip request, the manual entry process is a headache.

“I don’t know how we did without Ecolane before.  Prior to Ecolane, everything was done on paper, so we had a fear of switching to something that we didn’t have complete control over.  Quite frankly, it turned out much better because it was easier to schedule trips than doing them manually."
- Alan Blahovec, Westmoreland Transit Authority

SolutionAutomated real-time scheduling & dispatching

Ecolane's demand-responsive transportation (DRT) software is automated and continuously optimized, even on the day of service.  Because it operates in a real-time environment, it can adjust seamlessly for sudden or unexpected changes throughout the day.

DRT Software for Paratransit

My last software implementation process was too difficult.

“We had six weeks of using things on our own after implementation and we had time to learn some of how the software worked.  There were so many tools that we weren’t used to before and the fact that someone else who knew how to use the software came back into our environment and could answer any questions we had was one of the most valuable tools that we could have.  I think by doing that as a company, Ecolane is giving us the tools to succeed.”                                                                                                                                                         
- Patti Lynn Baker, Town and County Transit

SolutionComprehensive planning, training and support

People are our business.  Ecolane takes pride in providing world-class, comprehensive on-site training.  Every business is different and we understand there is no "one size fits all.”  We are committed to serving the specific needs of our clients.

After training and implementation is complete, Ecolane is never more than a phone call or e-mail away.  We understand that even the smallest issue can create serious operational problems, so our customer support team is here to answer questions and troubleshoot issues. In the event of a critical situation outside of normal business hours, a 24/7 emergency support line is available. Ecolane's customers are never without a connection to getting help.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

I’m having difficulty seeing into our daily operations.

“I have a near instantaneous ability to look at what happened in any given circumstance, from the GPS to all the data that came through on the trip such as pick-up time, drop-off time, how it was scheduled, and who scheduled it.”                                                                                                                                                             
- Mike Davis, Metro Regional Transit Authority

SolutionIntelligent fleet management system

With Ecolane's demand-responsive transportation (DRT) software, customer service representatives have full insight into a vehicle’s location using GPS technology.  Knowing fleet vehicle locations and where those vehicles are in relation to riders enable the system to give immediate, accurate updates in real-time on the day of service.


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