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Stay compliant with your vehicle's state and daily safety requirements by performing a paperless inspection at the beginning of the day before departure and at the end of the day before shutdown.

  • Inspection takes place using the Mobile Data Tablet (MDT), so no additional software or hardware needed
  • Ensures all federal, state, and municipal requirements are met
  • Paperless reporting provides comprehensive audit trail
  • Customizable menu options tailored to agency requirements
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           Pre and post-Trip inspection

Your riders' safety comes first.  Ecolane's pre and post inspection feature ensures that all of the vehicles in your fleet meet the federal, state, and local road requirements before its daily departure.

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

The pre-trip vehicle inspection includes:

  • Signs of fluid leaks
  • Tire pressure
  • Clean mirrors
  • Doors are latched and locked prior to moving

If there is a sign of a potential problem, it will be noted and captured in the DRT system and brought to the driver's attention.  The issue must then be resolved before the vehicle can depart.  Additionally, agencies can customize the inspection requirements and put other safety checks in place per their specific processes.

Post-Trip Inspection

At the end of the transit day, drivers must go through a post-trip inspection before being allowed to log off the system.  The Mobile Data Tablet prompts the driver for a multi-point inspection including:

  • Cleanliness of the seats and floors
  • Confirming that windows are closed and locked
  • Seatbelt hazards and issues

Each check must pass before the driver can shut down for the day. Agencies have the freedom to add additional checks and requirements that need to be met, if needed.

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