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In an increasingly demanding digital world, customer expectations are high. Our mobile app, built from the ground up, meets and exceeds those expectations. Freely downloadable today and available on both iOS and Android platforms, check out why Ecolane’s mobile app simplifies both your operations as well as the lives of the riders you transport.

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Rush Hour Traffic

Ecolane’s mobile app is designed to help agencies empower their passengers, while reducing the workload of their call center. Giving passengers the ability to manage their transportation from the palm of their hand increases rider satisfaction, and deepens their connection to their service. We’re happy to be a partner with each of our customers in the mission to upgrade transit for their riders.


  • Flexibility to manage trips
    In today's world, providing riders with direct access to review and manage their transportation needs is essential. Users of Ecolane's mobile app can view both upcoming and completed trips, while also having the ability to cancel travel if they no longer wish to ride.

  • Convenient trip details view
    Built-in phone notifications alert riders with vehicle ETAs, reducing wait time and providing a significantly more positive experience. When a vehicle is on its way, riders are able to track the journey using a visual map.

  • Simplified mobile interface
    Trip planning has never been an easier experience for riders than with Ecolane's mobile app. 24/7 access to account profiles, reservations and travel history with a single tap, all connected to the most powerful, industry-leading scheduling and dispatch platform available.

  • Text to SpeechRobocalls were great, five years ago. Utilizing the text-to-speech capabilities native to today's smart phones is cheaper, easier and provides an all-around better experience for your riders.


Benefits of our Mobile App for Customers

  • Streamlined scheduling operations
    By providing riders with the opportunity to book their trips directly through the app at any time of day, even outside of business hours, the volume of incoming calls is significantly reduced. The mobile app is fully integrated with Ecolane’s DRT platform and provides all the power of real-time scheduling and continuous optimization inside the convenience of a mobile phone. No manual scheduling is required by dispatch.

  • Decreased trip loss
    Automatic push notifications remind riders of scheduled/upcoming trips, significantly reducing no-shows and same-day cancellations.

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The number of riders expecting the freedom to review and manage their personal transportation options increases every day. Agencies need to respond to these expectations while also streamlining their scheduling operations. Ecolane's mobile app does both.

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Did You Know?

3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments each year because they need a ride. This leads to higher health care costs and poor illness management, even when care is readily available. Ecolane can help.

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