Using Alexa and Route Scheduling Software

Alexa Integration 

The Ecolane Skill for Alexa enables riders to book, change, and review upcoming trips by using a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker.  There are no buttons to push or small screens to read.  Just tell Alexa what you want to do.  Some of the main features include:

    • Simple voice control functionality to schedule, change, or cancel trips
    • Automatically calculates fares and informs customers
    • Tracks customer pick-up vehicles up to the time of arrival
    • Comprehensive integration with Ecolane DRT negates the need for schedulers to spend time manually entering trips or changing trip details, so they can focus on broader customer issues
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"Alexa, Book a Trip"

Expand your service by giving customers the independence to book their own trips using the Ecolane skill for Alexa.  Using simple verbal directions, your customers tell Alexa where and when they want to go and Alexa takes care of the rest.

Interactive Voice Response

With the Ecolane skill for Alexa, customers can book trips, change already scheduled trips, request vehicle location updates and confirm existing reservations.  Not only will Alexa answer questions, but she will also verify times, dates, locations, and more.  While this functionality is ideal for riders who have difficulty using phone apps, typing on phones, or reading small screens, it's also the easiest way for anyone to manage their transit options.

Calculating Fares

Riders often travel with a friend, a family member, or an assistant.  They also sometimes change plans so it's important they understand exactly what their costs are.

Using Ecolane's skill for Alexa, there's no need for riders to worry about doing manual calculations because the system does it for them and then verbally communicates that information back.  Riders simply share the details of the trip and Alexa will verify the total cost and then request the rider to confirm the amount before booking takes place.

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