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Drawing on the knowledge and experience of experts in transit and transit scheduling software, Ecolane has generated a content bank of helpful resources including webinars, case studies, eBooks, and blog articles to educate and provide insight into today’s transit industry trends and challenges.

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Legacy Replacement Program

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Switching from your legacy software is critical in today's perfect storm of financial, demographic, and technological challenges, which are causing the need for transit agencies to do more with less.

Learn more about our Legacy Replacement Program and what it can do for your transit agency by visiting us at ecolane.com/ready.

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Ecolane webinars are created with the primary goal of sharing our experiences and knowledge with the industry to improve transit services.
7 Secrets for Successful Implementations

Learn about the common mistakes made by transit agencies during software implementations, and the secrets to seamlessly transitioning your agency from its legacy systems with minimal complications.

Implementing Transit Software for PACE Agencies

Pace agencies have operational requirements specific to their type of organization. Learn the key points to consider when planning for PACE transit software implementations, how to approach 3rd party EHR integrations, and how to determine a timeline and budget for your project.

How to Get Both Efficiency and Customer Service Out of Your Transit Software Provider

Learn how to get both efficiency and customer service out of your transit software provider by effectively managing customer expectations versus agency expectations, measuring ‘transit efficiency’, and properly evaluating customer service.

How to Select a Transit Software Provider
Learn what the most important factors are that need to be considered and evaluated when making a decision on a transit software provider (and how to do so). Also learn which questions you should ask a potential software provider to ensure they are the right fit for you.
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Ecolane videos showcase the benefits of using our software, in the words of our customers.
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Ecolane case studies showcase how real transit agencies utilize our transit scheduling software to address challenges, drive real results, improve operations, and more.

Ecolane Shoreline Metro Case Study
Sheboygan, WI

Shoreline Metro Increased Hourly Ridership by 43%.


Suburban TransNet Case Study
Montgomery County, PA
Suburban TransNet Improved On-Time Performance
Ecolane Perry County Case Study
Perry County, PA
Perry County Transportation Authority Reduced Fuel Costs by 40%
Ecolane Arlington Handitran Case Study
Arlington, TX
Arlington Handitran Increased Number of Rides Per Hour by 44%
Ecolane Estuary Transit District Case Study
Centerbrook, CT
Estuary Transit District Increased Ridership by 40%
Akron Metro Case Study
Akron, OH
Akron Metro Decreased No-Show Rates by 50%
Fayette County Case Study
Fayette County, OH
Fayette County Increased Demand Response Trips
Fremont, OH
TRIPS/WSOS Increased Operational Efficiency
Knox County Case Study
Knox County, OH
Knox Area Transit Achieved 90% On-Time Performance
PICCA Case Study
Circleville, OH
PICCA Doubled Rides Per Hour from 1.5 to 3
Detroit, MI
Increased Ride Per Hour from 1.4 to 2.45
rabbittransit case study
York, PA
Achieved $1 million in savings for operational expenses
Link Transit
Wenatchee, WA
Achieved 97% On-Time Performance
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Ecolane eBooks cover a wide variety of transit topics to give agencies additional insight, expertise, and guidance on the latest industry trends.
Ecolane Paratransit in 2020 eBook
What Will Paratransit Look Like in 2020?
Ecolane Web Intelligence eBook
Using Business Web Intelligence to Enhance Coordination
7 Common Mistakes Made During Transit Software Implementations
Choosing Your Transit Software Provider
Choosing Your Transit Software Provider
Legacy Advancement Program
Surviving the Storm: Why Transitioning Away from Legacy Systems is Critical in Today's Transit Industry
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Ecolane's blog is geared towards readers who are interested in perspective, opinion and strategy on the transit industry, scheduling and dispatch software technologies and related topics.

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