Build Efficiency With Real-Time Data

A Robust Mobile Data Software package to Support our Solutions

Ecolane’s Mobile Data Tablet (MDT) software enables transit agencies to operate more efficiently with fast, reliable data communications and vehicle location technology. The software runs on Android tablets, providing dispatchers and drivers the ability to work together more effectively and harmoniously. It is the most complete, feature-rich platform available and its seamless integration with Ecolane's DRT platform perfectly rounds out our industry-leading transit management solutions.
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Thanks to intelligent engineering and development, Ecolane's MDT seamlessly connects vehicles with Ecolane's DRT platform and instantly makes your organization's services more effective and valuable to the communities it serves. By automating as many processes as possible, MDT powered tablets give your staff the opportunity to focus on more specialized support topics. This creates safer, more reliable services for the client.

  • Real-Time data communication
  • Optimizes schedules and increases productivity
  • Vehicle location availability in real time
  • Driver behavior monitoring, including vehicle speeds
  • Fast and efficient dispatching
  • Real-time manifest updates
  • Increased safety and customer service

The large, Android-powered touch-screen MDT mounts quickly and securely via a RAM® mount. There’s no complex wiring to install, so tablet transfers between vehicles are painless.

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Drivers gain the advantage of an automatically updated, detailed manifest, while dispatchers monitor driver and vehicle activity in real-time. Audible notifications and color-coding emphasize changes to keep drivers aware of manifest updates without taking their eyes off the road.  Dispatchers can send instant messages to one driver, multiple drivers or all drivers and a selection of preset ("canned) messages give drivers the opportunity to respond via the quick and easy virtual keyboard. This saves time and provides a safer approach to communications.
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Safety First

Ecolane has developed the software with driver and passenger safety as the highest priority. After all, what’s more important to your organization’s success than its safety record? Our system incorporates Automatic Vehicle Location and GPS technology to help dispatchers track drivers’ movements and speeds. Turn-by-turn voice directions and automatic screen-locking aids safe driving habits when vehicles are in motion.
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At Ecolane, we believe our customers deserve solutions that meet all the requirements of their intended tasks. With that in mind, we’ve packed our MDT offering with innovative features you won’t easily find in competing products. Take a look at what our package provides:

Real-time Data Communication
  • Reported arrivals, departures, no-shows, and collected fares with AVL and time information
  • Automatic manifest updates
  • User-defined data reporting intervals
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Turn-by-turn voice directions
  • GPS location, including speed, direction, accuracy
  • Odometer and mileage tracking
  • Real-time and historical vehicle tracking
Manifest Stop Listing
  • Complete address and Points of Interest
  • Detailed trip information, including notes, loading/unloading times and passengers
  • Geo and time fencing for each stop
  • Fare entry, tracking and editing
Manifest Updates
  • Automatic updates to the manifest in real-time
  • Audible tone when the update is received
  • Color coding indicates stop changes
Real-time Messaging
  • Dispatchers can send messages to one or many drivers
  • Drivers can select from a list of scanned messages and/or type a message and send it directly to dispatch
  • Device locking mechanism on MDTs while vehicle is in motion for driver and passenger safety

Don’t settle for less than your clients deserve. Download our MDT product brochure (PDF) and contact Ecolane for a demonstration on our state-of-the-art Mobile Data Terminal and software solution today.



See first hand how you can create a more efficient and effective transit operation with modern scheduling, routing, tracking & reporting from Ecolane.