Looking at the Transit Industry Landscape


Transportation and healthcare providers are currently facing a confluence of three major challenges, creating a "perfect storm".
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The need to provide higher levels of transportation services with less overall funding support.



The impact that an aging population,  spatial dispersion, and riders with disabilities will have on the demand for transit and the way it's being  provided.



The need to deliver enhanced user experiences while integrating disparate systems in order to establish efficiencies. 

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Providing safe, reliable and high quality, on-demand transportation and community access in the face of these headwinds is asking government and agencies to do more with less. Finding a partner with the expertise, experience, scale, technology and vision to overcome these challenges has become vital.

Ecolane and National Express have partnered in order to provide the kind of support transportation providers require to stay ahead of industry trends. Providing a solution to replace a provider's legacy systems with modern, industry-changing and next-generation transit technology is our goal.

During your live demo, one of our transit software specialists will

  • Take the time to understand your agency's specific goals and requirements so they can customize your demo experience and show how to customize the software specifically for your agency.

  • Demonstrate how modern transit software can improve customer service, customer and driver safety, and resource management.

  • Teach you how to create optimized, real-time, logic-based schedules and custom reports.

  • Show you where productivity can be increased.

  • Answer any questions you may have about the platform.

The Public Transport Industry and Mobility as a Service
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Ecolane customers see an average productivity increase of 20% on the day of service versus software that relies on pre-scheduling. Competing platforms actually lead to same-day productivity DECREASES. The Legacy Replacement Program offers agencies the most affordable path to experience industry-leading performance and true productivity benefits.
– Ryan Larsen, SVP, Ecolane

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As the "perfect storm" rages on, Ecolane software provides transit agencies not only shelter from the storm, but allows them to face it head on and stand firm for the future. Don't get left behind with cumbersome, legacy software. Let us show you how.

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