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Small / Medium-sized agencies

small and medium-sized agencies are unique. ecolane understands the challenges they face and caters to their specific needs and processes.

Small and medium-sized transit agencies run differently than large agencies. From budgets and spending to staffing and maintenance, small/medium agencies can find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to ensuring efficiency across their operations. The stakes could not be higher and this is where Ecolane's DRT platform sets itself apart.

Flexible pricing & an operational Guarantee

Financial hurdles are a part of transit and we understand this all too well. In response to that challenge, Ecolane has developed pricing options that bring the capabilities of our software into the hands of all the agencies that need it. Ecolane's "Guarantee Offer", specifically created to service the needs of small to mid-sized agencies, takes the pain out of choosing a solution and ensures that what our customers expect is what our customers get. It is us putting our money where our mouth is and you won't find this kind of offer anywhere else in the industry.

Intelligent demand-response management software

Scheduling and dispatching headaches used to be the rule, not the exception. Ecolane's DRT platform has made them obsolete with a turn-key, secure, web-based software package, easily and quickly accessed via modern web browsers. The DRT platform allows for schedule optimizations in real-time, and provides multiple operational advantages to small and medium transit agencies, including:
  • Industry-Leading Trip Booking And Reservation Management System
  • Rider and Customer Experience Extensions
  • Fleet Management and Safety Features
  • Intelligent Operations Management
  • Financial Operations Management
  • Broker / Provider Integration
  • Professional Support and Services
  • System Security Management

Don't take our word for it

See what other small and medium-sized agencies are doing today. Ecolane is widely used and making a significant and positive impact for transit agencies across North America. Take a moment and review the examples below to see how agencies like yours are embracing Ecolane's industry-leading solutions and improving transit for their riders while also positively impacting their bottom line.

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