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Professional Services

Service Starts long before GO-Live and continues long after

Every transit agency and system have its own unique challenges. In order to provide the most effective solution for a transit management platform, Ecolane’s Professional Services team conducts a comprehensive review of an agency’s operations as well as the community it serves in order to determine the best configuration for its needs. We build upon input from agency staff, any existing operational data and our own experience to develop a strategy that will ensure the solution you get is the solution you need.

Discovery & Risk Assessment Process

Ecolane continuously monitors and reviews the health of all our implementations starting from the beginning of our client relationships. Following a project kickoff, we conduct an on-site Operations and Risk Assessment to better understand how the agency is run on a daily basis and to learn the unique operating environment that exists. We confirm the agency's requirements and study their operational workflows to better understand and anticipate their needs. Additionally, Ecolane establishes, shares and maintains a project risk register, as needed, based on any changes to the project profile that may arise.

System Set-up & Configuration

Before any training or data collection begins, Ecolane sets up the agency's hosted system server. The server is configured, in part, on findings from the Operations and Risk Assessment as well as agency preferences on how they want their system to support their operation. By completing this step early in the project, Ecolane's project managers are able to train agency staff on the DRT platform before collecting each data element. This early system set-up allows Ecolane and the agency more time to perform comprehensive quality control measures and test subscriptions and groups well before Go-Live (system launch) takes place.

Dedicated Training & Implementation Team

Training on the Ecolane system begins at the kickoff meeting and continues through Go-Live. Familiarization with the platform's features, user training, and system preparations are conducted by a professional and experienced team of implementation experts and coordinated by seasoned project managers to ensure that every detail of the project is covered. Many of the training sessions are conducted virtually using a shared online workspace while others are done in-person at the client's site. Ecolane's training has been designed to gradually familiarize agency staff with the core system, its daily tasks, and its best practices, building concept on concept. Ecolane's on-site team are supported by dedicated resources actively monitoring the project remotely and available to step in and assist with whatever's needed in order to take the project smoothly over the finish line.

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Live Support. Anytime, Anywhere

We know what it takes to put service on the street, and Ecolane's support team makes itself available to clients whenever it is needed. For questions or help with routine operations, the Support Team is regularly available during daily business hours by phone, email, or helpdesk tickets filed through a dedicated support website. Along with the regular support hours, we provide after hours support for any critical needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, Ecolane maintains a robust knowledge base on its Support website to answer frequently asked questions and to provide refresher training material and recordings of support webcasts. The Ecolane team is committed to helping clients get the most out of its software investment and to make daily operations headache-free.

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Annual Review & Operations Audit

Ecolane support and service continue well after launch. Agencies want to understand how their operations are doing and whether there are areas that can be improved upon beyond standard use. To support those requests, Ecolane offers a deep-dive review of system data to identify any improvements that can be made to operations and to help align daily decisions with agency goals.  After system data is analyzed and reviewed, Ecolane provides a comprehensive report that identifies any areas for improvement. In the case that staff retraining is necessary, we'll schedule time to be on-site to conduct the training and discuss the report's findings with management. Ecolane staff will set up follow-up points over subsequent months to further validate how the adjustments have improved the operation and to help keep the agency on a successful track.
Connecting through Transit Software


Ecolane has been the direct link to the improvement of ADA service for our customers. Since our partnership with Ecolane and Transdev began, both the timeliness and overall service quality has significantly improved in the past year.”

-Dan Dirks, Director

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kudos from our customers

User of Routing and Scheduling Software
We're an agent of mobility, not just a transportation provider.  We are now a ten-county system and we're doing 10,000 trips each day.  That's not possible to do the old-fashioned way.  Those days are gone because of Ecolane."
Rich Farr, Executive Director
User of Transportation Software
"We looked at TripSpark, RouteMatch, and CTS in addition to Ecolane when we were exploring options.  We chose Ecolane specifically because they had the complete system that would be operational and easy for our staff.  The Ecolane staff also did on-site training, which was really helpful to our success with the new software."
Bill Calhoun, Executive Director
Cass County Council on Aging
User of Transportation Routing Software
"We realized very quickly that we were at maximum service on paper.  We were averaging about 450 trips each day, but soon after we partnered with Ecolane, our average grew to about 625 trips each day.  You cannot do that kind of production with pen and paper."
Martin McAvoy, Program Specialist Operations Manager
Knox Area Transit
User of Transit Software
"We have over 26 hardware and software systems deployed in our organization and the implementation with Ecolane was one of the smoothest we have experienced.”
Robin Richter, Director, Senior Services and Transportation
WSOS Community Action
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