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advanced mobility management systems for larger agencies

Large and enterprise transit agencies require efficiency and precision from the systems they utilize to run their organizations. World-class reporting and powerful, back-office management make Ecolane's DRT platform the most attractive solution on the market and one that has been proven to have a significant and positive impact on agency operations. Accurate, real-time data enables better customer support and no one provides it better than Ecolane's DRT platform. Higher productivity and increased operational efficiencies lead to the kind of significant cost savings that gets people to sit up and take notice. Add the customer and driver-safety focus that are so critically important for large and enterprise customers and it's clear why Ecolane is the industry solution of choice.

Flexible pricing & legacy replacement Program

We realize that software pricing can be a complicated pain point for agencies operating in the transit industry. We've also seen frustration from agencies struggling to get away from legacy software implementations. In response, Ecolane has developed multiple programs to help make the purchasing decision easier and with less-risk. As an example, our Legacy Replacement Program provides agencies with the opportunity to leverage Ecolane's next-generation transit technologies and all associated benefits at a price point equivalent to or less than their existing legacy maintenance fees. That's another industry-first. Removing purchasing barriers and helping agencies move into the future is a continuous focus for Ecolane.
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the demand response management software the industry
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Scheduling and dispatching headaches used to be commonplace. Ecolane's DRT platform has made them obsolete with a turn-key, web-based software package, securely accessed via a modern web browser. The DRT platform provides real-time, logic-based schedule optimization, providing transit operations of all sizes with a number of critical advantages, including:
  • Industry-Leading Trip Booking And Reservation Management System
  • Rider and Customer Experience Extensions
  • Fleet Management and Safety Features
  • Intelligent Operations Management
  • Financial Operations Management
  • Broker / Provider Integration
  • Professional Services
  • System Security Management

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Don't take our word for it. Ecolane is in widespread use today and making a huge impact for transit agencies across the country. Take a look and see how a few of these agencies are embracing our solutions, improving transit for their riders and positively impacting their bottom line.

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Ecolane - Technological Challenges, Manual Entry and Administration

rabbitttransit Case Study

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