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Mid-Sized Transportation Agency

Ecolane offers the most efficient solutions on the market for mid-sized transit agencies. Our expert staff works directly with yours to tailor our management tools to suit your operations. Our software is uniquely adaptable to suit the scheduling, dispatching and monitoring needs of your system. Providing the most appropriate solutions for a customer’s needs is what sets us apart from the competition. It’s also the reason our applications are so effective at increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

web-based scalability

scalability & flexibility

Because Ecolane’s software is web-based, it’s easy to connect all your dispatch offices and vehicles, regardless of differences in equipment. There’s no need to worry about different versions for various platforms – the applications run securely in standard web browsers. Supervisors and managers can even log on from multiple locations. There are no complex installations needed and no discs to manage.

High-Performance Data Communications
And route management

Our Mobile Data Terminal delivers full-featured data collection and communications with an intuitive interface that improves interaction between your dispatchers and drivers. What’s more, it’s simple to install, with no complex wiring and even transfers easily between vehicles. Ecolane DRT software completes the solution, with the most advanced scheduling, routing, dispatching, monitoring and reporting system available.

Our unique, powerful solutions give your business the edge by incorporating intelligent automation of most of the tasks required to keep your transit systems operating. This leaves your staff free to focus on providing the highest possible level of service to the community.

At Ecolane, we understand that your organization, no matter what size, is in the business of helping people. Our people are dedicated to helping you help others efficiently, at a price that fits your budget. Call today and let us show you how our tools can help your agency to become a more valuable asset to the community.

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