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Large Transit Agency

Whether your agency manages transit services in a metropolitan area or several smaller transportation networks in multiple communities, large-scale transit systems present unique challenges. Managing multiple assets, routes and demand responsive services is a monumental task. Ecolane’s expert staff is dedicated to providing the transit management tools your large agency needs to provide the highest quality of service to the communities it serves.

Our scalable DRT, fixed route management applications and intuitive MDT, combined with the services of our friendly,  knowledgeable support staff ensure that all of your operations are up to the task. Automation of difficult tasks like vehicle location and tracking, monitoring service, route changes and data collection and communication lets your employees focus on customer service. With Ecolane’s products and services, you can enable your agency to deliver the safe, reliable transportation your customers demand and deserve.

web-based transit management

Web-Based Transit Management
for convenience AND Savings

Secure, web-based access to Ecolane’s software means there’s no need to purchase and install multiple software packages. Your applications are available to all your dispatch centers and drivers, regardless of how widespread your organization.

  • Secure access via standard web browsers
  • No multiple installations
  • Software upgrades are automatic and system-wide
  • No expensive hardware

Real-Time Reporting
& automatic updating

Our smart software leverages all the power of GPS and instant, real-time data communications to provide fast, reliable AVL, report incidents, adjust schedules and routes, and monitor driver activity. We’ve engineered it to be compatible with multiple MDT platforms. To get the most from its features, however, we recommend using it in conjunction with our intelligent, Android-based Mobile Data Terminal.

mobile data tablet brochure

Improved Driver Response & Safety

Improved Driver Response

With Ecolane’s MDT, all of your drivers will have a safe, sophisticated interface to your scheduling and dispatching system. It’s the perfect match for our DRT application and enables improved communication between dispatchers, drivers and passengers.

  • Automatic manifest updates
  • Color coding of route and schedule changes
  • “Canned” messages for faster driver response
  • Custom response capability
  • Touch screen operation
  • Real-time reporting of stops, pickups, etc.
  • Fare entry, tracking and editing
  • Device lock when vehicle is in motion


Ecolane has the tools and expertise to help your large agency deal with communications, reporting, scheduling and monitoring effectively, using the power of technology to maximize employee time and improve customer service. Contact us today and let our helpful staff show you how we can increase your transit agency’s productivity.

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