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Smart Scheduling and Dispatching Made Easy

Scheduling and dispatching headaches are a thing of the past with Ecolane DRT, our turn-key, web-based demand response software. This state-of-the-art software solution is securely accessed via standard web browsers. It provides real-time, logic-based schedule optimization, providing your operation with a number of critical advantages, including:

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved customer and driver safety
  • Improved resource management
  • Higher productivity


Better Management
with Intelligent Tools

Your transit system can gain flexible and effective scheduling and better customer relations. Managers and dispatchers can perform their jobs more smoothly with continuously updated schedule optimization that responds immediately to changes. Find out how improved service translates into a better relationship with your clientele.

Easier & Smarter
DRT Administration

Ecolane DRT’s powerful,web-based supervision and administration tools put full, real-time control in the hands of your administrative staff. The integrated reporting system enables better forecasting and planning than ever before. What’s more, the information gained throughout each operation can be utilized to enhance the quality of operations throughout your entire organization.


Fixed Route
Management Option

Ecolane also provides management software for fixed route transportation systems. Our applications give your company the edge with passenger communication, schedule keeping and incident handling. No matter the size of the transit network, Ecolane can help keep it moving efficiently.

Increased Productivity

Through Automation &

Integrated, fully automated processes save time and effort for your staff, allowing them to focus on operations. The end results are:

  • More productive employees
  • A less stressful working environment
  • Improved employee relations

Download the Ecolane DRT Product Brochure (PDF) and contact Ecolane today for a demonstration on how our Demand Response Software can benefit your transit operations by empowering you to provide the safest and best possible service to the community.

Ecolane Shoreline Metro Case Study
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Transit Software Demo

See first hand how you can create a more efficient and effective transit operation with modern scheduling, routing, tracking & reporting from Ecolane.