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Ecolane Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

By Ecolane
16 June, 2022

Wayne, Pa (June 16, 2022) — Ecolane is excited to announce its 20th anniversary as the industry’s leading provider of intelligent web-based transit scheduling software. 

Ecolane was founded in Finland over two decades ago with its dynamic rideshare platform. Having built a solid reputation and paved the way for innovation in the market, it made sense to bring their robust offerings to the United States. Before long, the company built a loyal customer base and made an imprint in the on-demand transit scheduling industry.

At their core, Ecolane is a company built on the belief that cultivating mobility for all is essential. This means developing innovative, easy-to-deploy, on-demand transit scheduling software that enables transit providers to increase productivity, streamline efficiency, and provide outstanding client satisfaction. Their team of professionals all share a single vision: driving the transit industry to the next level.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we are proud of the achievements we’ve made, and we look forward to the next 50 years of innovations,” says Spiro Gjorgjievski, President, “We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and are happy to provide transit agencies with the technology they need to fulfill their vision to serve their communities and enhance the rider experience.”

As Ecolane kicks off its 21st year, the company reflects on some of its recent achievements including a newly launched INSIGHT by Ecolane, an AI powered business intelligence tool that enables transit agencies to understand riding patterns so they can better plan for their future demand and optimize fleet operations.

It is no coincidence that the company launched its Evolution platform in 2021. The intuitive platform built for the 21st century empowers agencies to improve responsiveness in real-time by bridging the gap between scheduling, planning, and billing, all while delighting riders with timely and accurate pick up and drop off.

And Ecolane is just getting started. Using their powerful and intuitive demand-response platform and mobile app, the company is setting its sights on the future of mobility. “We believe in the future of free and sustainable mobility, centered on inclusive experiences that foster community relationships,” says Gjorgjievski, “In the spirit of collaboration, we are proud to work alongside multiple stakeholders, riders, drivers, dispatchers, managers and shift supervisors to build a product roadmap that will enhance innovation, safety and security of all participants.”

What’s next for Ecolane? The company will continue expanding sales in the U.S. and Canada, while also exploring opportunities in other geographies, and developing Ecolane’s next-generation multi-modal platform.

If you’re ready to make the change and and maximize transit efficiency, Ecolane has a complete line of products and services to help.

About Ecolane

Ecolane develops superior transit scheduling software that provides transit agencies with the capability to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and improve the rider experience. Ecolane’s easy-to-deploy, on-demand platform helps transit agencies with real-time route and ride optimization, which in the wake of driver shortages and increasing fuel prices helps transit agencies better utilize existing resources. This ensures safe, accessible, and equitable transportation alternatives to communities that might not otherwise have means of transportation.


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