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CamTran Prepares for Ecolane Launch

By Ecolane
24 January, 2014

Johnstown, PA, January 24, 2014- On Wednesday, January 29, 2014 CamTran will start to use Ecolane scheduling software to schedule trips for customers using the Reserve-A-Ride service.

Ecolane is web-based software that will allow CamTran schedulers the ability to plan the most efficient trip possible while meeting customer’s transportation needs and providing top of the line customer service! The use of this technology will enhance the riders experience by having a precise route planned which will cut down on passengers overall time on the bus. The software will be adapted to fit the dispatching, scheduling & monitoring needs of CamTran’s system while providing transportation solutions that fit customer’s needs. The use of Ecolane will improve interaction between drivers and dispatchers ensuring a pleasant transportation experience for the customer.

The implementation with [CAMTRAN] is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) statewide contract with Ecolane to provide the software to manage transit agency scheduling with real-time advantages. Local Pennsylvania agencies are now benefitting from the automated scheduling, automatic vehicle location and flexibility of the platform. Already, tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians have been successfully transported using the new system.

“As a result of the software-licensing agreement between PennDOT and Ecolane that is starting to be implemented across the state, the efficiency and delivery of Shared Ride service is going to greatly improve. After an initial pilot study we are delighted to be the 5th or 6th transit agency in the state to have Ecolane’s software platform implemented for our Reserve-A-Ride service,” says CamTran Executive Director, Rose Lucey-Noll. “We believe that our customers will be very happy with the new efficiencies that the software program brings.”

“When completely implemented Ecolane will assist CamTran’s schedulers in producing more efficient routes that will ultimately benefit the riders on the buses. One of the true benchmarks of Ecolane is on time delivery of clients to their destinations,” says CamTran Assistant General Manager, Dan Ligda.

“With this new software it will help Cam Tran be more efficient in our scheduling process so we can be responsive to our customers as we provide them with their needed transportation,” says CamTran Board of Directors Chairman Ed Cernic, Jr.

“We’re really pleased with the ongoing performance of our PennDOT clients,” said Jason Ellis, Ecolane’s Vice President of Professional Services. “We look forward to continuing to support CamTran with their efforts and helping them build positive experiences for their customers.”

For more information please contact Josh Yoder-Director of Marketing & Planning (814) 535- 5526 Ext. 208.

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