Without help, managing a fleet of vehicles can be a huge undertaking. From the creation of proper schedules to keeping in touch with drivers, the whole thing is enough to stress even the most patient souls. Mobile Data Tablet software can effectively lighten the burden. Read on to discover seven areas where implementing MDT software can effectively ease fleet management.

Data Communication In Real-Time

With the implementation of real-time data communication, dispatchers will be able to receive real-time reports on arrivals and departures, as well as information on drivers counted as no-shows. Additionally, they can review data such as transit time, paid fares, and more. By keeping up with the day-to-day flow in real time, dispatchers will be able to plan for things right when they happen and ensure business keeps running smoothly.

Schedule Optimization And Increased Productivity

Because the implementation of MDT software streamlines the data collection process, drivers no longer have to waste time doing it manually. This results in increased productivity on their end, ensuring on-time arrivals. Additionally, the software can help plan the most optimal schedule for drivers and their deliveries.

Real-Time Vehicle Location

The implementation of MDT software also comes with an automatic vehicle location system, or AVL. Using AVL, dispatchers can easily keep tabs on all drivers currently en-route. Additionally, the software comes with a function for mapping what traffic is like in different areas, allowing dispatchers to make more accurate estimations of arrival time. 

Tracking Driver Behavior

The data collection of MDT software goes deeper than just route times; in fact it can be used to track the performance of individual drivers. It also keeps a record of driving speeds and related safety information, all easily accessible should they ever be needed.

Faster And More Efficient Dispatching

The optimized scheduling function makes organizing dispatch times simpler than ever before. Thanks to the linked communication system of MDTs, dispatchers can communicate route changes and other relevant information immediately to their drivers. 

Manifest Updates In Real-Time

When a manifest updates, the software might chime audibly and/or the manifest itself may change color. This feature makes it easy to see when a change has been made. When this happens, dispatch can quickly send messages to one or all drivers on the road if the change pertains to them.

Boost Safety And Customer Service

MDT software effectively boosts safety as well as efficiency, both of which are valued highly by customers. The real-time tracking and other functions give dispatch the opportunity to warn customers of possible delays well ahead of time, avoiding any surprise no-shows.

These seven advantages can be realized throughout any fleet management business once modern transit software has been implemented along with MDTs. Interested? Check out Ecolane’s MDT offering or contact us for a demonstration and be the judge yourself.


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