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Integrated Scheduling Done Right. Finally.

Ecolane’s Coordinated Transit solution is built upon the same proven technology that distinguishes the Ecolane DRT product from everything else in the market. The software provides transportation coordinators or brokers the ability to schedule effectively, identify public transportation solutions, and process claims within a single, unified interface.

Coordinated Transit

Focus on Your Business

The solution automates provider management, funding source compliance, and trip assignments and presents coordinators with the operational freedom to focus on other aspects of their business. What sets Ecolane’s technology apart is the ability to plan trips with continuous schedule optimization that automatically responds to changes in real-time. Over 40 standard reports are included with the software to better enable transit providers to forecast, plan and make decisions. Need information exported to Word, PDF, Excel or CSV files for further processing? Not a problem. Ecolane DRT can handle that too.

Highlights Include:

  • Ability to schedule based on least-cost provider, most efficient routing, or a combination of the two
  • Integrated SMS reminders
  • Real-time system management dashboard
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Real-time schedule optimization

Download our Coordinated Transit product brochure (PDF) and contact Ecolane for a demonstration of our industry-leading solution

coordinated transit product brochure
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