The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Access Committee’s recently formed Accessible Information Technology Subcommittee was established primarily to serve as a resource in the area of Information Communication Technology (ICT).  However, the Subcommittee has not had a chairperson until now.

We are pleased to announce, Ecolane’s own Priscilla Vargas, Business Development Director, has recently been appointed to Chairperson of APTA’s Access Committee’s Accessible Information Technology Subcommittee.

She possesses not only a combination of experience from agency program operations and supervisory positions, familiarity with scheduling software and mobility technologies, but her passion to promote “mobility for all” during her 28-year career makes her uniquely qualified for this critical position.

ICT is rapidly evolving, so the need to identify and publish Best Practices to educate and inform agencies and their customers alike is tremendously vital. Priscilla will soon be reaching out to recruit Access Committee members and others to join APTA’s Accessible Information Technology Subcommittee.

Please join the Ecolane team in congratulating Priscilla and expressing our pride in her achievement. If you’re interested in joining the Accessible Information Technology Subcommittee or want to share your thoughts, please contact her at


Priscilla Vargas-1Priscilla’s 28--year career in transportation has included management of paratransit operations, business development, customer and strategic planning. Prior to joining Ecolane, Priscilla served the King County Metro Transit Division as manager for Paratransit and Rideshare Operations. In August 2018, she accepted a position on the Board of Directors at Community Transportation Association of the Northwest (CTANW). She has a deep passion to promote “mobility for all” that is efficient, cost effective and adaptable to the expanding technologies occurring in the transportation industry. Her commitment to public transportation, especially in the paratransit arena, has been a key to her continued success.