Employee turnover is unavoidable, and the loss of institutional knowledge at agencies using software to manage and improve operations can negatively impact service delivery.  The best solution is continuing education brought to you by your software vendor, but not all agencies have this in their budget.  Ecolane recognizes both of these facts.  So, in November 2018, we made steps to empower our customers with tools necessary to train new staff, expand training for existing staff, and provide refresher training under our existing maintenance contracts by launching our first web-based learning management system (LMS).  Ecolane University helps ensure staff can stay current with new feature updates and revisit the fundamentals of the DRT system by watching video tutorials and then taking retention quizzes.

Web-based learning enables transit managers, drivers, and frontline staff to take courses when it fits into their schedule.  Each module is broken into down into micro-trainings all relating to a specific job role or function within the DRT software.  The micro-trainings can be taken while at work or while at home on computer, tablet or smart phone.  Transit managers, staffers and drivers are empowered to take the courses that best improve upon the knowledge and skills related to their job function and at the end receive a certificate of completion.


What is the main goal of the LMS?

Ecolane University was conceived with the notion that quality, cost effective training would help increase individual and organizational productivity through continual training and knowledge-based testing.  This does two things.  For starters, it creates developmental opportunities for current transit employees who seek professional advancement in their roles.  The more employees know how to use the DRT system effectively, the more valuable they are to the agency.  Not only does it increase productivity, but it gives those employees opportunity to help train newer, less seasoned employees.

Secondly, it gives new employees a jumpstart and a foundation of knowledge from which to work.   Our clients receive the benefit of both LMS training and on-site training upon launching the DRT system; but as those agencies grow or experience turnover, new employees need to learn the system.  The LMS platform helps them do that.  This is a tremendous advantage to transit managers who are responsible for ensuring new employees get up to speed as quickly as possible.


When should staffers and drivers use the LMS?

Ecolane offers course modules on the topics of reservations and using the mobile data terminal (MDT) alongside a guide to getting started with Ecolane LMS portal.  Ideally, drivers should go through the MDT module, and agency reservationists and dispatchers should go through all three modules before the on-site training if the agency is onboarding with the Ecolane software.

This gives everyone the initial exposure they need so they will have a frame of reference during the training and are able to ask insightful, more nuanced questions as they are learning in the classroom later.  In addition, they can always go back to the training after the Go Live to give them a knowledge refresher on some tasks or concepts they still might not fully understand.

Students are quizzed at the end of each module.  This helps transit managers identify the degree of knowledge individual students have gained.  If someone doesn’t pass the module or micro-training, it can be reset for that student so he or she may take it again to receive a passing score.  If necessary, the process can be repeated until a full passing score is achieved.  Ecolane will also be offering certificates of achievement in the near future so staffers can demonstrate their knowledge in various functions as they learn more about the DRT system.

Testing is not timed, and the videos can be watched or re-watched as necessary.   Individual module certificates will be granted based on a minimum required score.  Students do not have to complete a course in one sitting since the LMS tracks where they left off, and they may return to that section later. Courses are comprised of several short video modules that are 5-15 minutes in length.

If you would like access to the Ecolane Learning Management System or learn more about this benefit to Ecolane customers, please email learning@ecolane.com.

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About the Author:

headshots24Charles is a technical trainer with more than 20 years of experience in training professionals, six of which have been at Ecolane.  He is responsible for educating new clients on Ecolane software through in-person and on-site support.  Charles is also responsible for conducting follow-up training and consulting to identify and reinforce best practices.

Charles is a systems and e-learning development expert, having worked as a regional training coordinator, corporate training instructor, and senior e-learning training & development manager prior to joining Ecolane.