Universities and colleges that utilize fixed route buses to transport students around campus and/or around town benefit greatly from modern transportation software. Here are 8 advantages universities receive with transportation scheduling software:

1.  Improved on-time performance: Consistently late buses can seriously disrupt students' schedules and make them unnecessarily late for class. Transportation scheduling software can track buses' schedules, and that data can be used to determine better ways to improve routing or scheduling and improve on-time performance.

2.  GPS-verified pickup and arrival: It can be extremely frustrating for students who rely on a campus transportation service to feel like they are just guessing when the bus will arrive. Transportation software can monitor pickup and arrival via GPS, which students can check to see when their bus is scheduled to pick them up and how long it will take to get to their destination.

3.  Expedited incident handling and rescheduling or rerouting: Sometimes accidents, weather, or traffic congestion cause buses to slow down or stop altogether. Transportation software tracks each bus and sends alerts when incidents occur, which gives dispatch the opportunity to immediately reroute and/or reschedule to minimize the damage.

4.  Better communication with passengers via Mobile App and Text Alerts: Handheld technology allows passengers to know when exactly when their bus will pick them up, which means students can plan accordingly.

5.  Less manual input for drivers for improved safety: Drivers can focus on driving instead of inputting their route, which means they are less distracted and safer when they drive students around campus.

6.  Real-time reporting and automated updates: Real-time monitoring and reporting means that dispatchers always know where their drivers are. Automatic updates give dispatchers all the information they need about incidents, weather, and traffic congestion to make better decisions about routing and scheduling.

7.  Fully automated dispatching and monitoring: Automated dispatch and monitoring means that dispatchers can focus their attention on matters aside from just scheduling. 

8.  Real-time driver behavior monitoring: Dispatch will be alerted if drivers aren't abiding by safety or other policies. Drivers' speed is also monitored so dispatchers can make sure all their drivers are following posted speed limits and therefore keeping students safe.

Students rely on their campus transportation to get to and from classes safely, and modern transportation software streamlines the process leading to improved performance and safety by drivers.

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This article was originally published on January 26, 2015, and has been updated to incorporate descriptions of newer technologies.


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