Shoreline Metro Case Study

Sheboygan, WI
Shoreline Metro

Shoreline Metro hoped to maximize operational efficiencies and save money

Shoreline Metro is the premier provider of public transportation in the Sheboygan Metro Area. Offering a better alternative to driving, Shoreline Metro provides Sheboygan residents with safe, reliable, and courteous transportation options.

By switching from their previous software solution, Shoreline Metro was able to:

  • Reduce vehicle usage by 25%
  • Increase hourly ridership by 43%
  • Decrease vehicle revenue hours by 27%
  • Reduce reporting time from 4 hours to 30 minutes

Download the case study to learn how Shoreline Metro was able to maximize operational efficiency and save money.

“We went from creating schedules and shifts around employee needs to creating shifts and schedules around service needs. This has been a huge contributor of savings in salaries and efficiency with trips per hour! Ecolane software helped us accomplish all of our initial goals.”
– Derek Muench, Shoreline Metro