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Estuary Transit District Case Study

Estuary Transit District (ETD), located in Centerbrook, CT, was formed by the nine towns of the Connecticut River Estuary Region to provide local, coordinated public transportation for residents of the area. ETD operates 4 flexible routes and ten vehicles total throughout the region with transfer corridors to 3 towns. ETD provides up to 90 trips per day, not including walk-ons on the flexible routes. Transit or Dial-A-Ride service is also available in all nine towns on a limited schedule.

Estuary Transit District Case Study, EcolaneEstuary Transit District needed a solution that could schedule both demand response and route deviation vehicles in the same software package. Find out how Ecolane was able to help:

  • Increase the number of rides per hour by 100%
  • Increase ridership by 40% with no change in vehicles
  • Enhance real-time reporting capabilities


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