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Fully Integrated with Instant Insight

Ecolane's next-generation technology for transit managers

Executives and general managers are able to make better decisions for their agencies when they have access to high-quality data. With the added transparency of Ecolane's BI platform, they can ensure their operations are running smoothly and can allocate financial resources efficiently, with a greater degree of certainty. This ultimately helps the agencies become more cost-effective and creates a better experience for their riders, drivers, dispatchers, and stakeholders.


Reveals Key Insights

Key Insights enable transit managers to make rapid, highly-precise, data-driven decisions. The BI tool generates forecasts and predictive models of future metrics based on historical data. This gives transit managers the ability to start preparing to hire more staffers, increase fleet size, or expand territory based on this knowledge gained from forecasts.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Ecolane BI includes powerful metrics, charts, and graphs on the dashboards. Each piece of data can be further distilled in order to gather greater insights from the information. Unlike static reports, our business intelligence tool offers:

  • Machine Learning to analyze, and optimize data, leveraging AI
  • Data Models that forecast future performance metrics
  • Fully-automated platform with no manual intervention
  • Interactive data and heat maps to drive decision-making
  • Highly-scalable systems that grows with your agency
  • Instant cost-savings and operational efficiency analysis
Data consolidation

The BI platform allows for increased security protocols and internal control over where information is stored.

First, it promotes process and system automation, which takes the human out of the loop and captures the procedures and functions that must be executed to remain in lockstep with relevant policies, regulations, standards, and quality of service metrics.

Second, it encourages the implementation of a comprehensive auditing capability that allows for the conclusive demonstration of operational compliance at a snapshot in time or over a longer window of time.

Disaster Recovery

With data center consolidation, the planning, implementation, and execution of disaster recovery solutions are less daunting because all the vital components are in one place, easing replication and failover initiation.


Our platform also tracks the pulse of the organization with autonomous notifications. If a key performance indicator (KPI) drops below a certain value, transit managers are alerted immediately and can drill down to find the cause. This enables them to identify it and take actions to correct it more quickly.

Reduced Costs

A consolidated environment means a smaller network and application infrastructure. As a result, businesses need less hardware, including costly items like servers, routers, and other equipment. A reduction in servers likely means standardizing on a few critical software applications, allowing companies to decrease operations costs.


Ecolane is a technology leader in the U.S., Canada and other international markets serving both public and private transit sectors. Ecolane delivers solutions for paratransit, NEMT, campus, government and other forward-thinking transit agencies of all sizes. With the ultimate goal of providing management teams with superior technological solutions that work to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and improve the rider experience, Ecolane develops superior transit software to enable agencies to meet rising rider demands.

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3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments each year because they need a ride. This leads to higher health care costs and poor illness management, even when care is readily available. Ecolane can help.

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