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What We Believe

by Jonathan Segal / July 3, 2014

When I first joined Ecolane in early 2013, I had quite a bit to learn about our software platform, our customers, our end-users and the transit industry in general. I spent a lot of time speaking with our executive team and staff who have been working their entire careers in transit, and after a while, I began to see a trend in the way they viewed their roles. In the eyes of my colleagues, their jobs were much more than simply implementing scheduling and dispatch software. Jason Ellis, Ecolane's VP of Professional Services, phrased it best when he told me that he has learned to see his job as directly and positively impacting the lives of people who might not otherwise be able to get out of their houses and be mobile. That's a pretty powerful position and function for a software product to serve.

That trend evolved to form the foundation of Ecolane's beliefs, and it drives a great deal of how we try to operate as a company. Do we nail every goal we set for ourselves every day? I wish the answer was yes, but sometimes, we find we still have a ways to go. Ultimately, that's where we want to be. Our beliefs are not some list of lofty, dramatic mission statements created in a marketing workshop, either. They are real, and they are attainable drivers for what Ecolane believes the company should stand for.

It seems that this would be a good place from which to launch our blog to the world. Over the next few months and beyond, we'll demonstrate how Ecolane supports our beliefs with real-world actions and how those actions help both our customers and the industry we operate in to move ahead. We'll highlight industry trends, stuff we like and perhaps even stuff we don't like. Transit is going through real transformation, and we see it all around us with new technologies, new behaviors and new business models. Although I don't expect we'll have every answer to what's next, I do think we'll have a perspective worth reading, and we hope you'll visit us often and follow along. You can sign up for email notices when we post something new in the form on the right. We promise that we won't misuse your address, either. Ecolane is as much about responsible communications as it is about creating good software. That's just one example of what we believe. Thanks for taking the ride with us.



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