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What Should Transit Providers Share With Partner Agencies?

by Ecolane / October 7, 2017

 Partners agencies such as senior facilities and non-profits organizations, need to know about changes in services when they take place.  Many organizations depend upon a transit agency to be proactive in communication so service interruptions can be avoided. 

Here are 3 things transit providers should share with partner agencies

 1. Transit Service Scheduling

Keeping everyone on schedule, no matter who they are, starts by ensuring effective communications with partner agencies.  Locations such as Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities need to be made aware of any changes to drop-off and pick-up times as soon as they are known.  Many of these centers have strict scheduling to get clients to and from doctor appointments and other pre-planned activities.  Any alteration from these plans requires the administration to make adjustments.  Letting partner agencies know this sort of information well in advance ensures continuity of services.

2.  Upfront Reservation Changes

It is important that visitors and customers clearly know the expectations of an agency’s reservation process.  Changes to the “usual” method needs to be communicated quickly to partner agencies.  This will allow them to understand the new procedures and, in turn, set expectations for their own clients.  Many facilities manage ride requests for their visitors.  If their customers are confused about changes in transit reservation processes, it could result in a decline of usage. 

3.  Proposed Replacement Drivers

A new face can sometimes be a pleasant change.  However, when a facility or service has come to depend upon consistency from their transit provider - they've also come to expect a certain quality of service.  Sometimes that service is attached, at least in part, to the driver they see every day.  Any unannounced changes in drivers can disrupt a partner agency's expectations.  Communicating these changes in advance provides a degree of confidence and its importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

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