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What is the Silver Tsunami?

by Ecolane / July 7, 2014

As the baby boomer population ages, more and more of them are retiring and leaving the workforce. This increase of aging Americans is already starting to pack a punch for a number of industries and transit is no exception. Many agencies in the business of providing transit services are starting to prepare for these changes now.

The entrance of so many baby boomers into retirement is being referred to as the Silver Tsunami. This is where the nation prepares for the largest generation of Americans to enter a new phase of their lives. According to a March, 2014 Denver Post article, the number of baby boomers entering retirement age is expected to double by the year 2030.

What Changes Need to be Made? 

Not surprisingly, the Silver Tsunami will force many changes, and we're beginning to see them making an impact already. From the development of transportation management software for the purpose of increasing efficiencies to smarter homes being built which will allow baby boomers to "age in place," these shifts are important to accommodate the population’s new needs. 

A combination of excellent customer service and simpler customer experiences are also going to be crucial components within transit agency operations. We’re already beginning to see these changes today. The increasing popularity of smart phones and tablet computers are enable older generations to do more with technology and perhaps more importantly, to feel comfortable with technology. This trend will grow with new riders and their new expectations. By integrating reliable transportation software optimizing the customer assistance process, the transit industry can expect to handle the increase in baby boomers much more easily. 

While we can never be sure exactly how the transit industry will progress as the baby boomer generation ages, having the right elements in place will ensure that communities are prepared to handle what future throws at them. Reach out to us at Ecolane to talk about ways we can help ensure your organization is as "future-proof" as possible.

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