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The Best Public Transportation Anecdote As Told by a Transit Professional

by Ecolane / August 26, 2016

Working in the public transportation industry offers many fulfilling benefits; it plays a fundamental role in solving for our nation’s economic, energy, and environmental challenges, it helps to bring a better quality of life by providing safer, more reliable and more affordable transportation alternatives, and it allows employers to offer transportation benefit programs to its employees. However, arguably the most fulfilling benefit of all is the live entertainment that drivers are fortunate enough to witness while on the job.

We were interested in getting an inside look into the everyday lives of public transportation drivers, so we did some digging to find a few of the most entertaining, memorable, and relatable anecdotes straight from warriors on the front lines of public transportation shenanigans. Among some of the best were stories of inebriated folks making fools of themselves, incoherent riders mistaking the bus for a bathroom, and a man dressed up like Borat offering himself up to ‘all the single ladies’ after an apparently successful Halloween party (anyone else sensing a theme here…?).

However, of all the hilarious, crude, and just plain odd stories we’ve read about public transportation, there’s one that stood out from the rest…

The Quintessential Crazy Lady

The bus is packed, it’s first thing in the morning, and this ‘uppity’ business woman is voicing her unwelcome opinion about how the bus is too hot and there are too many riders on board. Again, I must reiterate, it is 7:30 in the morning and most people haven’t even had enough caffeine to fully open their eyes, let alone tolerate such obnoxious behavior.

But, one brave soul decides that she will overcome her caffeine deficiency to save the rest of our sanity, and politely asks the woman to keep her complaints to herself. Although an admirable attempt, ‘crazy lady’ couldn’t possibly fathom someone calling her on her bull$#!%, and resorts back to her natural state of being extremely abrasive, rude, and inconsiderate. So, the two of them start going back and forth – things get heated – and the entire bus gets to watch this whole debacle unfold.

Another lady steps up to the plate, remembering that strength is numbers is a battle-tested tactic, and asks Cruella Deville to keep her swearing to a minimum because her 5 year old daughter was on the bus and she did not want her to pick up any of the bad habits that were undoubtedly on display.

Of course, pointing out the fact that she had less of a social aptitude than a 5-year-old toddler did nothing, so she brushes the nice woman off and continues with her temper tantrum.

But then something profound happened. One last person decides to take it upon themselves to end this childish nonsense, and yes – you guessed it, that person was in fact the actual child! So, this sweet little 5 year old toddler stands up on her seat, taps Medusa on the shoulder, and just as she turns her snake-rearing head, BAM! The little girl shoves an entire cupcake down this woman’s open gullet and gives her a stern talking to about her behavior and use of bad words.

The entire bus erupts in hysterics, and the woman is so embarrassed that she pulls the stop chord, gets off early, and walks the rest of the way.

Justice was served.

Do you have a favorite public transportation experience or story? Tell us about it – we’d love to hear them.

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