The transit industry is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to stay up to date on current trends and news. Ecolane’s “Thoughts on Transit” blog is a fantastic resource to utilize for this purpose, as the content focuses on perspective, opinion and strategy on the transit industry, scheduling and dispatch software technologies, trends and other related topics. Ecolane has compiled a list of additional transit blogs that also offer engaging, helpful content and a different perspective on all aspects of the transit industry to further assist the transit enthusiast’s quest for information.

1. Mass Transit Magazine

As far as resources go, Mass Transit Magazine has it all. They combine a mix of industry news, case studies, and blog posts on all areas of mass transit. The website is laid out easily by category so you can find exactly what you’re seeking regarding the industry.


2. METRO Magazine

METRO magazine serves the public and private passenger bus and rail transit, and motorcoach industry. Metro online examines trends in urban, suburban and rural mass transportation. Your best resource for green transit issues, bus and rail transportation safety, maintenance, equipment innovations and funding mechanisms.


3. The Transit Wire

Focusing on providing information on state-of-the-art technologies used in the public transportation industry, The Transit Wire delves into current and useful information regarding transit for properties, government agencies, researchers, consultants, and vendors. The blog author has experience working for the Boston Transportation Department and specializes in consulting for transit policy and planning.


4. ITDP Transport Matters

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy works around the world to design and implement high quality transport systems and policy solutions that make cities more livable, equitable, and sustainable.

ITDP is a global nonprofit at the forefront of innovation, providing technical expertise to accelerate the growth of sustainable transport and urban development around the world. Through our transport projects, policy advocacy, and research publications, we work to reduce carbon emissions, enhance social inclusion, and improve the quality of life for people in cities.


5. Human Transit

As the official blog of the U.S. Department of Transportation, content is always high-level and up-to-date regarding policy and all other aspects of our national transportation systems.


6. The Transport Politic

Updated daily, Yonah Freemark discusses transportation issues around the globe. There is also an active commenting community, so it’s a great resource to start a discussion with others who are passionate about the transportation industry.


These industry resources all offer great educational content and commentary on trending topics and news that are relevant to today’s evolving transportation environment. For further resources, Ecolane also offers case studies, eBooks, guides, and so much more. In an effort to grow your knowledge and help you find what you’re looking for, Ecolane thinks that the resources we offer coupled with these other exceptional industry blogs will help any transit enthusiast stay educated and up-to-date on the industry. View these resources now!

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