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The NEXT Mobile App: Mobility in the Palm of Your Hands

by Ecolane / November 15, 2017

It seems these days that so much of what we do in our lives has become better because of mobile apps. Everything from fitness apps to food delivery apps, and now mobility apps. At Ecolane, we have recognized a great need for transit agencies and riders alike to have an app that puts the power of mobility into the palm of your hand.

Here are a few ways our NEXT mobile app can help:

Enhance Safety

If you are a transit agency, you can identify with the large focus that has been placed on rider safety and customer satisfaction. Without the right technology infrastructure in place, it will be difficult to meet industry safety metrics.

Our NEXT app can help transit agencies streamline their scheduling operations and have more visibility into the rider’s experience and operator management.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency is also a top priority for transit agencies. Metrics such as rides per hour, overall ridership numbers, no-show rates, fuel costs, and on-time performance can all be solved with the right technology.

The NEXT app offers automated scheduling and dispatching services and eliminates tedious manual entry or other administrative burdens. Additionally, we have built in automatic notifications to help remind riders of scheduled and upcoming trips – helping to significantly reduce no-shows and same-day cancellations.

Reduce Costs

The costs to run a transit agency only seem to increase given the price of fuel and with greater budget constraints always on the horizon, it is extremely important to leverage technology that will help cut operational costs while also improving transit metrics.

Our NEXT app can help do just that by enabling riders to book their trips directly through the app, which will in-turn reduce time spent on caller center agents booking trips and manual scheduling on dispatch. The app also helps reduce the amount of fuel wasted on no-shows or same-day trip cancellations.

Increase Visibility

Having increased visibility into the daily actions of operators, schedulers and dispatchers will help provide critical insight as to where improvements can be made, especially in regards to efficiency and safety.

The NEXT mobile app is fully integrated with our Ecolane DRT software, providing the true power of real-time scheduling, with continuous real-time optimization.

Improve Customer Service

Perhaps the number one concern on most transit agencies’ radar is customer service. Nothing can bring down the reputation quicker than an unhappy customer. Delayed arrivals or miscommunication are major contributors to overall dissatisfaction.

Our NEXT app empowers riders with direct access to review and manage their mobility needs. A rider can view both upcoming as well as recently completed trips. They can also cancel if they no longer wish to ride.

Additionally, notifications provide riders accurate vehicle ETAs that will reduce wait time and provide a significantly more pleasurable experience. Riders are also able to see when their vehicle is on its way and follow their bus on a map.

Increase Access

According to Harvard Medical School’s, Dr. Brownstein, 3.6M patients miss appointments due to public transportation unreliability. This is larger scale issue when you think why people might need certain appointments. Whether it is a critical health issue or an important life event, people need to have reliable transportation.

Our NEXT mobile app solves this problem by giving riders the flexibility to manage trips and access to real-time trip details.

The time is now…

With all of the demands on both transit agencies and passengers, the time to add the convenience of transportation management in the palm of your hand is now.


To learn more, schedule a free demo of the app today


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