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Mobile App Launch

by Ecolane / September 26, 2017


Release Date: October 9th, 2017

Ecolane is excited to announce the launch of our innovative mobile app which is fully integrated with Ecolane DRT, our signature Demand Response Software. Ecolane is your trusted transportation software partner and the leader in continuous real time optimization resulting in huge savings for your transit agency.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our research into modern day trends shows that transit riders have higher expectations of their travel-experience than ever before.  We have developed the Ecolane NEXT App to help meet and exceed those expectations, while maintaining our commitment to autonomous scheduling solutions.  

With the 95% of Americans owning a cellphone and 77% owning a smartphone
, now more than ever is the time to put transportation management in the palm of your hands. 

Passengers will gain four convenient benefits:

1. Flexibility to Manage Trips

Empowering riders with direct access to review and manage their transportation needs is essential. Riders can view both upcoming as well as recently completed trips, and they also have the ability to cancel them if they no longer wish to ride.

2. Convenient Trip Details View

Notifications remind riders with accurate vehicle ETAs, reducing wait time and providing a significantly more pleasurable experience. When their vehicle is on its way, riders are able to follow their bus on a visual map.

3. Simple Mobile Interface

Trip planning has never been an easier experience for riders than with the Ecolane app. 24/7 access to account profiles, settings and reservations with a single tap is within reach, all connected to the most powerful, industry leading scheduling and dispatch platform available.

4. Text to Speech

Replace outdated technology solutions that generate robo calls using the text to speech capabilities native in smart phones.


Riders aren’t the only ones that benefit. Our agency partners will also experience:

1. Streamlined Scheduling Operations

By enabling riders to book their trips directly through the app at any time, even outside of business hours, the volume of incoming calls is significantly reduced. Obviously, the mobile app is fully integrated with Ecolane’s DRT software providing the true power of real-time scheduling, with continuous real-time optimization inside the convenience of a mobile phone. No manual scheduling is required by dispatch.

2. Decreased Trip Losses

Automatic push notifications remind riders of scheduled and upcoming trips, significantly reducing no-shows and same-day cancellations.

3. Customized Offerings

  • Want your own brand on the app? We have developed a white-labeling option for customers who want to see their logo and identity.
  • Worried about control? Bookings can be restricted by funding source or even by certain destinations on a per passenger level, using the included administrative tools.


Why wait any longer to be notified of a schedule change? Schedule a free demo of the app today for access to next-generation technology that gives you back the freedom to manage your personal transportation needs.

Available for both iOS and Android.


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