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Ecolane's "Partner of the Year"

by Ecolane / December 29, 2015

On December 8th, 2015 Ecolane Transportation Scheduling Software held its annual Pennsylvania Partner Conference in Harrisburg, PA. The conference is meant to bring together our partners in Pennsylvania to engage in panel discussions, breakout sessions, and network with their peers throughout the state. This year’s discussion topics centered around technology and road mapping in the transit industry.

Ecolane chose to recognize four transit agency partners for their outstanding adoption and use of our software, which we would like to detail here. Suburban TransNet, Perry County Transportation Authority, and Rabbit Transit were all presented with Awards of Excellence, and Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority was presented with our “2015 Partner of the Year” award.

Here is a little insight on how each one of these agencies was able to take Ecolane software and produce real results in the field; earning them recognition.

Suburban TransNet Suburban Transit Network Transportation Scheduling Software

Suburban was one of Ecolane’s original Pennsylvania “beta” customers and they played an integral role in helping to establish Ecolane’s current implementation process and even a number of platform capabilities. They deserve to be inducted in our “Hall of Fame” with an Award of Excellence due to the multiple ways that they have been able to successfully integrate our software into their operations as well as increase efficiencies. They achieved this by automating what were previously manual processes and taking full advantage of Ecolane’s reporting capabilities to provide additional clarity to their operations.

Rabbit Transit Transit Software

Rabbit Transit was also given an Award of Excellence and inducted into Ecolane’s “Hall of Fame”. Rabbit was another one of our original “beta” implementation customers and deserved recognition for the role that they played in the initial implementation and testing of Ecolane software, all of which has resulted in the development of new features and system reliability.

Perry County Transportation Authority Paratransit Software

Perry County was recognized with an Award of Excellence due to their continuing success integrating Ecolane software into almost every aspect of their operations. They have created new uses for Ecolane transit software; taking advantage of already existing capabilities in completely new and innovative ways. With what is now the involvement of everyone in the organization, Perry County has been able to truly identify itself as an integral part of the community. Before Ecolane software, the agency was faced with a recurring deficit each year. Due to the detailed reporting and data collection that Ecolane provides, they were able to use that information to determine and address the inefficiencies that were causing the deficit and within a year, turn it around as a surplus. The improvement in their operations have been so successful that Perry has been able to sell unused vehicle downtime to outside organizations, bringing revenue in from non-state organizations – a creative solution that never would have been possible without a commitment to their scheduling and dispatch software.

Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA) Route Scheduling Software BARTA

BARTA was awarded Ecolane’s “2015 Partner of the Year” award due to their ability to entirely embrace the software and to “drink the kool-aid”. They were open to change management from the beginning and took complete ownership of the project – ensuring the implementation was successful. As a result, they were able to achieve remarkable implementation success and are well-deserving of the results Ecolane software is producing for them.

Ecolane congratulates all of our partners on their success and the innovative and creative ways that they have been able to work with our software.

Perry County Case Study

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