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Accurate Transit Analysis Can Prevent Public Relations Disasters

by Ecolane / December 4, 2014

Transit software can make or break a transportation agency. Staff and managers grow complacent with their tools over time leading them to ignore important trends in data. Often times, agencies just collect data out of habit or due to regulations. But we have solutions such as mobile data tablet.

Transit data analysis is the key to transit agency success provided that transit staff and managers know how to use the software tools at their disposal. As long as high-quality and useful data exists, solutions to improve service while keeping costs low are achievable.

Ignoring data is akin to not having the data in the first place. If you don’t think this is important, consider the following real-life situation.

A rapid increase in population is challenging on many fronts, but especially for transportation authorities.  With more people, more tax dollars are available; therefore it’s tempting to ask voters for a tax increase to help subsidize new equipment and technology.  But what if the voters reject higher taxes for transportation purposes?

Before the measure is even brought to the ballot it’s the transportation authority’s responsibility to analyze data to see where they could be more efficient and cost effective.  In the example presented here, the voters did reject the measure but the public later found out that the authority was able to cut costs had they just analyzed the data they had available and had they implemented new procedures. Not surprisingly, there was a public backlash.

Had this authority been more proactive they could have prevented a public relations nightmare.

As an agency expands, the size of the data it collects will grow. This data can demonstrate the future of an agency if it is properly analyzed for business insights. Quality transit software can help organizations manage this data and generate useful results that planners, management and staff can utilize on a daily basis. It also has the ability to give accurate and credible answers to community concerns and questions.

In the scenario described above, the failure was not the software but a failure to use it properly. The organization did not take the time to analyze their records leading them to make a public announcement, that in hindsight, never needed to be made.

With the right software and training from Ecolane, avoiding common public relations disasters like this one is achievable. Our professional services experts have the training and experience to analyze transit data for insights and then make recommendations for improvement. With solutions such as Mobile Data Software. Book some time with an Ecolane expert and see for yourself.


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