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Ecolane Locations

With two locations worldwide, Ecolane is dedicated to providing the transit management tools your agency needs to deliver the highest quality of service to the communities it serves.


Ecolane USA Office

Ecolane USA
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Ecolane USA, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Express and is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania just 20 minutes outside Philadelphia. As a leading provider of transportation software solutions, Ecolane USA has a staff and office presence spanning Pennsylvania, Iowa, California, and New York. In operation since 2008, Ecolane USA is the home to our customer support and executive teams.

Ecolane Europe
Espoo, finland

Ecolane Finland is located in Espoo, Finland just a mere 20 minutes outside of Helsinki, and is largely responsible for the platform’s technical development. In 2009, Ecolane Finland was ranked in the top 10% for the strongest companies in Finland, and was awarded a “Strongest in Finland” certificate to denote its creditworthiness and reliability. Ecolane Finland is privately held, and its shareholders and financial partners remain committed to the sustainability and long-term success of Ecolane.

Learn more about our Ecolane Finland office by visiting this page.

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