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Ecolane's expertise in transportation management combined with an industry-leading software platform is perfectly aligned to support emerging trends in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market. MaaS represents the growing shift away from personal modes of transportation and towards solutions that can be combined and consumed as a service. Ecolane software has the capability of providing multiple touchpoints throughout the MaaS process, from scheduling and booking all the way through to integrated payments. Ecolane's mobile app can connect these disparate processes and create a seamless transportation experience for end-users, ensuring the most efficient travel path.

Ecolane's initial foray into providing MaaS solutions focuses on developing both MicroTransit and Mobility on Demand offerings.


Since 2016, Ecolane began laying the foundation for a mature and future-focused MicroTransit offering in the market. Particularly valuable to transit agencies requiring demand-response vehicles in geographic areas of limited transportation availability, MicroTransit provides the ability to minimize, and in many cases replace, under-utilized and expensive fixed-route services. Ecolane's core DRT platform already provides the kind of industry-leading technology necessary for successful MicroTransit implementations.

Transportation providers utilizing Ecolane's MicroTransit solution for their customers are able to take advantage of the real-time communications the software enables and match actual demand with actual supply. This is a rarity in the industry, leading to higher customer satisfaction and streamlining overall operations. The solution also incorporates credit card processing and self-registration.

Contact us to learn more about MicroTransit solutions with Ecolane.



Rounding out Ecolane's MaaS offerings are Mobility on Demand (MoD) implementations, which provide users with the ability to dynamically access transportation using dispatched services, shared modes and/or public transportation, all managed and booked through Ecolane's mobile app. With an app design that has been developed with superior user-friendliness, Ecolane's MoD solution provides the flexibility that allow transportation providers to meet and exceed their customer expectations while simultaneously expanding mobility options within low-density areas. Additionally, the solution promotes public transit use with first-mile and last-mile connections.

For customers, MoD allows a greater level of transportation accessibility than ever before, putting them in control of how they can move from point A to point B.

Ecolane's MoD solution is a timely and valuable addition to our core product and one generating a great deal of industry interest since these types of services have evolved out of significant cultural changes. The continuing expansion of mobile phone coverage, always-on Internet connectivity and more accurate and comprehensive mapping data are enabling Ecolane to extend our offerings and cater to the changing habits of our customers as well as their customers.

For additional insight into Ecolane's MoD solution and how it can work for you, reach out.

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