Shouldn't your Transportation Management Software be as amazing as the services you are providing? Your software should help bring people together and connect them with their communities safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Advances in transportation software are more exciting now than ever before due to the advent and widespread acceptance of technology and smart devices.  Even software that is just a few years old might very well be on its way to being obsolete.  Staying on top of current software availability is important to a transit agency’s success. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to consider upgrading your transportation scheduling and dispatch software:

  1. Current hardware can’t be upgraded: If a transit agency’s software can't support its hardware (MDT, desktop workstations, etc.), it's time to upgrade the software. Keeping hardware relatively current and updated is important and software needs to be able to support that effort.
  2. Scheduling is done manually: This tends to happen when an agency has mistakenly purchased the wrong solution and as a result, has decided to just “deal with it”. That decision, however, ends up costing time and money in the long run. Good transportation scheduling software means no more manual scheduling and with a fleet of anything more than five or six vehicles, that will free up time and money.
  3. Maintenance costs for software have increased to an unwieldy rate: Too many vendors increase their maintenance rate every year based on the self-determined current market value of their software. If maintenance costs are getting out of control, it's time to seriously consider a change.
  4. Peer agencies are performing with higher productivity: Comparing and contrasting a competitor’s stats is often an important measure for success. If the competition has better software, they are probably working more efficiently, supporting happier customers (and more business).
  5. The IT department is overwhelmed by the existing software platform: When the IT department can’t easily, quickly, and reliably handle the current software platform, it’s pretty good evidence that it's time for a change. Getting the IT department on board with the change will also be easier if they find themselves often struggling.

If any, or all, of these above scenarios, are too familiar, then it's time to invest in a transportation scheduling software change. Change is hard, but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! Transit agencies will benefit from the time and money invested now for a more productive and efficient operation in the future. 

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