Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a transportation service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency situation, but need more medical assistance and specialized equipment than other transportation options can provide. Around 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointment or must delay care because they don’t have access to the proper transportation. For these people NEMT services are a necessity.

For example, imagine if you just had surgery that has left you unable to drive, but you have an upcoming appointment vital to your recovery. You require a wheelchair to move as little as five feet. All of your friends and family have important obligations and even if they didn’t none of them have cars fit to support your wheelchair. How can you get to your appointment? Well non-emergency medical transportation services pick you up, provide assistance in loading your wheelchair, take you to your appointment, and even back home. That level of hands-on service can’t be provided by any form of public transportation.


How much do NEMT Services Cost?

How much can you expect to pay for NEMT services? This question is difficult to answer for several reasons. First, prices can vary significantly from provider to provider. There is no set standard across the United States. Second, insurance coverage contains a significant amount of variability as well, assuming your insurance will even cover NEMT services.

That being said, we have created a chart that covers expected price ranges for different types of non-emergency medical transportation services. Use this chart to develop a general idea of what NEMT services could cost you. Because prices will vary, we encourage you to contact your local NEMT providers for quotes and you insurance provider for more detailed coverage information.


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

Types of Charge

Weekday Business Hours

Weekends & Off Hours


Ambulatory – Base Rate

$25 - $30

$30 - $40

$35 - $45

Wheelchair – Base Rate

$45 - $50

$75 - $90

$85 - $100

Stretcher – Base Rate

$100 - $200

$125 - $225

$150 - $250

Additional Mileage Fees

$3 - $5 per mile

$5 - $7 per mile

$5 - $10 per mile

Wait-time Fees (per 30 mins)

$15 - $30

$15 - $30

$15 - $30

Additional Attendant Fees

$5 - $10

$5 - $10

$5 - $10


Most NEMT providers charge a base fee depending on what type of transportation service is required: ambulatory, wheelchair, or stretcher. These fees vary depending when the service is needed. In addition to the base fee, NEMT providers often charge per mile as well. Mileage rates vary depending on the proximity of the patient. If round-trip service is needed these providers will typically charge a wait time fee on top of the base rate and mileage charges. Frequently, these charges are based on 15-30 minute blocks. Lastly, if an additional attendant will be joining in on the NEMT trip a charge will often be assessed. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are vital for many Americans. The effects of delayed health care can be fatal as this study of veterans shows. If you are in need of NEMT services be sure to contact your local providers to receive more accurate quotes along with your insurance provider to assess your coverage. Learn more about the benefits NEMT provides.

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