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Why Generation X Should Be Public Transportation's Target Market

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Oct 9, '15

Imagine Millennials with both expendable incomes as well as children. You’re left with a fitting description of the Generation X community.  Millennials are Gen X’s younger siblings, cousins, maybe even nieces and nephews.  Millennials know the music of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, they watch watered down versions of The Simpsons and The Real World and they’re being taught the world by Gen Xers.   

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Overcoming Mistakes During Transit Software Implementations

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Oct 6, '15

When the time comes to consider implementing new software for a transit agency there are many essential factors to consider. Among the most important considerations to think about are the pitfalls associated with the decision to integrate new software into an organization. Without understating the many benefits that can accompany the successful transition of a new software implementation, setting up an organization with less-than-desirable adoption rates and creating customers who are no longer happy become major headaches for an agency. 

Over the next few weeks, Ecolane will be exploring the issues that arise when the decision to change transit software is on the table.

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Running a Successful Transit Operation: Large Metropolis

Posted by Ecolane on Mon, Sep 28, '15

As part of a three-part blog series, Ecolane is going to take a look at what is required and what types of problems can arise for agencies running transit operations in a large metropolis, a midsize city, or a small town/rural area. This first article will evaluate what is necessary for an agency operating in a large metropolis.  What does it really take for a transit agency to be successful in an area such as New York City?

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Millennials and Why They're the Future of Public Transportation

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, Sep 18, '15

For generations, turning sixteen years of age meant freedom. The birthday represented a time for teenagers that shouted independence and enabled them to go where they wanted. Times change, though, and that feeling of freedom takes on a slightly different meaning for the segment of young adults known as the Millennials. In a 2013 study, the number of 16-year-olds getting their license had dropped to 73%. That didn’t mean teens weren’t going places, though.  It did mean that they were getting to places differently. 

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The Future of Paratransit

Posted by Ecolane on Wed, Jul 22, '15

The unknown can be both frightening and exciting.  An industry like paratransit, that can skirt the line between technology and transportation looks at the future as a double-edged sword.  On one hand, the future will bring both technological and vehicle efficiencies and due to the onslaught of baby-boomers, a burgeoning clientele.  On the other hand, new technology brings new challenges and stresses that haven’t been imagined yet.

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Harnessing Web Technologies for Paratransit

Posted by Ecolane on Wed, Jul 15, '15

The demand for paratransit services in the year 2020 is forecast to be significantly higher than it is today with estimates pushing operating costs as high as $4.4 billion by that year. Fueling the huge growth is the baby boomer generation and, as a result, the industry needs to continually explore ways of doing things more effectively and to utilize existing resources as efficiently as possible.

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Mobile Web and the Paratransit Industry

Posted by Ecolane on Wed, Jul 8, '15

According to Moore’s Law, technology doubles every two years.  Computer speeds are at a point where it’s hard to imagine them getting faster, devices are as portable and plentiful as ever and it’s rare to find a person without one.  The Internet, the single most powerful tool in human history, is available almost everywhere. 

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Client Spotlight - Perry County, Pennsylvania : Realizing the Benefits

Posted by Ecolane on Tue, Jun 23, '15


With an operating area of over 550 square miles, Perry County Transit, located in central Pennsylvania, had more than a handful of challenges delivering efficient paratransit services to their community. Ecolane’s statewide transit software rollout in Pennsylvania presented an opportunity to both support Perry County’s efforts and move them to a modern platform. Typically, Perry runs around 375/trips per day using 28 vehicles (plus sub-contractors).

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Technically Inclined to Helping Transit Agencies

Posted by Ecolane on Fri, May 22, '15


Matt Taylor is Ecolane’s Lead Technical Trainer, but don’t get his skills confused with that of an engineer.  Matt worked his way up to his current position starting from an end-user at a transit agency. He has worked as a scheduler, a dispatcher and even a driver.  Beyond his expertise in the workings of Ecolane software, Matt’s biggest skillset is his ability to work and relate with people.

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In an Era of Decreasing Productivity Can Technology Swing the Pendulum?

Posted by Ecolane on Thu, May 14, '15

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) changed the landscape of local transportation. It stated that complementary paratransit service is required for passengers not able to navigate the public bus system, are unable to get to a bus stop or temporarily need these services because of injury.  As a result of this legislation, every transit agency in the country essentially became a paratransit agency.

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