Arlington Handitran, Arlington, TX

Arlington Handitran has provided door-to-door paratransit service for disabled and elderly citizens in the communities of Arlington and Pantego, Texas for over 25 years. The fleet consists of 12 to 14 accessible vans and seven contracted taxis. These vehicles provide up to 550 trips per day, with a service area of 99 square miles in Arlington alone.

The Challenge

In 2007, Arlington Handitran contracted with Ecolane to replace their outdated and inefficient scheduling and dispatching system. The purpose of the replacement was to increase productivity via schedule and dispatch automation and AVL, as well as installation of MDT’s for data communications.

3 goals were stated for the project:

  1. Increase the number of rides per hour from
  2. Improve data collection
  3. Enhance reporting capabilities

The Solution

Ecolane partnered with Mentor Engineering to provide a turn-key solution with a focus on the key goals. Mentor Ranger mobile computers were installed on the dedicated vans and the Ecolane MDT software installed on touch screen smart phones for the contracted taxis. Both MDT solutions allow for real-time dispatching and AVL. Ecolane DRT was implemented for the tasks of route optimization, schedule automation, dispatching, supervision and administration.

Arilngotn Handitran Rides per HourThe Results

During the first month of operation with the new system, rides per hour increased from 1.87 to 2.29, surpassing the target of 2.15. After 30 months of operations, rides per hour had increased to 2.7. Automated data collection and real-time reporting have improved system management and administration.

Ecolane DRT provides continuous optimization and fully automated scheduling and dispatching. Web-based supervision and administration tools allow the staff to monitor, guide, control and adjust their operation in real-time. Drivers have an intelligent interface, freeing them to focus on safety and customer service.


  • Increased productivity by 40+%
  • More trips provided without adding or replacing vehicles
  • On-time performance at 95% (100% GPS verified)
  • Customer on-board time reduced by 10%
  • Greater operational control for management
  • Improved customer service response

Customer Comments

“We consider Ecolane’s support system to be stellar. It has been our experience that responses to issues are resolved in a very timely manner. Daniel is always very responsive, even to the point of being receptive to calls and emails from time to time where I may just want his thoughts on an idea. My direct experience with Ecolane has been extremely positive, giving me the confidence to sing its praises to potential clients.”

-Paul Price, Transit Operations Support Supervisor

“One of the most critical pieces of the Ecolane DRT software is the increase in effiency delivered by the system. We can count on that every single day of the week.”

-Bob Johnson, Transit Manager