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Hello, Indiana.

Check out the custom resources we've put together to help Indiana transit agencies learn about transit software

Ecolane is a preferred transit software provider for a number of states across the country. Supporting Indiana transit agencies is our next goal. We've compiled a number of resources, FAQs, and case studies to help transit in Indiana learn more about route scheduling software and then choose the best solution to serve their agency's needs.  

Select the resources below to get started.

Common Mistakes Made During Transit Software Implementations

Implementing transit software is a challenge and, when done incorrectly, can become a logistical nightmare and burden on your agency’s operations.

“The Seven Common Mistakes Made During Transit Software Implementation” eBook will ease your transition from your legacy software and ensure you're set up for success as soon as you begin the process.
Transit Software Implementations

Legacy Advancement Program

Transit and healthcare providers are now facing a confluence of three major challenges, creating a "perfect storm" that is rendering legacy paratransit software solutions ineffective.
  1. Increasing financial pressures
  2. Changing demographics
  3. Disruptive technology within the industry
Interested in proactively overcoming these obstacles and advancing beyong your legacy systems? Download our eBook, "Surviving the storm: Why Transitioning Away From Legacy Systems is Critical in Today's Transit Industry".
Legacy Advancement Program

Choosing Your Transit Software Provider eBook

For Indiana agencies, engaging with the right transit software provider can mean the difference between success and failure. We know that you have a lot of other options that you are evaluating.

Our “Choosing Your Transit Software Provider” eBook will guide you through the process of selecting a transit software provider, and give you insight into what should be done prior to signing an agreement to ensure you make the right choice for your agency.
Choosing Your Transit Software Provider

Q: How do I know which software platform is the right one for me?
A: When selecting the “right" scheduling and routing software, there are a number of points to consider. Ease of use when making a reservation is certainly important. So is real-time scheduling and optimization. What about fast and accurate reporting? Ecolane has been in the industry for over 15 years and with over 100+ client implementations, we have learned what it takes to improve the operational efficiencies of our customers. Your software partner should be taking the time to understand the specific needs of your agency instead of simply rushing you through a sale.

Q: My drivers currently do not use Tablets inside their vehicles, how will they manage the change?
A: This is a common scenario when implementing software with an agency that have little or no prior experience with Mobile Data Tablets (MDT’s). Change management is an important focus when introducing new processes to staff, anticipating their concerns as well as their difficulties and being sensitive to the impact of change. This step cannot be underestimated. In Ecolane’s case, a dedicated training team works closely with agency drivers prior to “Go-Live” in a classroom training environment and ensures they are comfortable and proficient with the hardware before being back out on the road. Ecolane is also onsite for the duration of the “Go-Live” to help ensure a smooth transition.

Q: I have decided to make the switch over to Ecolane, how do I get started?
A: That’s great news and we look forward to welcoming you to the Ecolane family! The best way to begin is to reach out to the Ecolane team to set up a discussion to walk through the process of transitioning from your current system to Ecolane’s DRT platform.

Q: How long is the implementation process for our agency?
A: Since each and every agency is different it will vary on what is required at your site specifically, there is no “one-implementation-fits-all”. Our team at Ecolane will go through the process of migrating your agency's data to our platform, training staff, and supporting your Go-Live every step of the way. The more that you are engaged with the implementation, the quicker and smoother it will go. Typically, software implementations take between two to three months.

Q: Are there other agencies that have Ecolane around me?
A: No one wants to be the first agency to try a software out alone so it’s comforting to know there are many agencies across the U.S. that are already running Ecolane. Ecolane is growing and expanding the use of our product to rural and urban areas in every state across the nation, including Indiana. Ecolane can provide a list of active sites and business references for prospective customers or, alternatively, check out some of our case studies.

Q: Are software updates, map updates and tablet updates included in the annual maintenance each year?
A: In the case of Ecolane software, yes! Each of our 100+ active sites across the nation is on the most current version of Ecolane software. All major and minor software updates, MDT updates as well as mapping and reporting updates are included in the annual maintenance fee, allowing our customers to have the most up-to-date software at all times.

Q: Does Ecolane offer 24/7 customer support?
A: Absolutely. You can reach one of our customer support members by calling the USA head office in Wayne, PA during normal business hours and after hours we have customers service reps on standby 24/7 365 so when you call, you will be talking to an actual Ecolane employee that is based in the USA. We also have an online ticketing process where you can submit, track and watch the progress of your ticket. Ecolane is committed to providing not just world class software but world class customer support.

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Did You Know?

3.6M Americans miss medical appointments each year because they lack transport. This leads to higher health care costs and poor illness management, even when care is readily available. Ecolane can help make a difference.

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  • Teach you how to create optimized, real-time, logic-based schedules as well as blazing fast, custom reports.

  • Reveal how you will see your agency's productivity increased.

  • Answer questions you may have about the platform.


One of the most critical pieces of the Ecolane DRT software is the increase in efficiency delivered by the system. We can count on that every single day of the week.
– Bob Johnson, Transit Manager