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Ecolane Finland – making a

Ecolane Finland develops software for transit solutions that make a difference in people’s daily lives. We believe that transportation is a fundamental right and should be guaranteed to everyone, regardless of their age or limitations.

All around the world transportation still sets limits for certain groups or minorities, from children and high school students to elderly or disabled people. We help our customers in the transit business to break these limits by creating software for ecological transportation with optimal scheduling efficiency, maximal flexibility, and increased customer satisfaction. That’s how we open up possibilities for a growing number of passengers with special needs.

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Meaningful work, motivating challenges

Ecolane Finland’s highly skilled professional team works together to develop, test, and document software for the fast evolving transportation business. Our employees are motivated by the challenges in the continuous development of our complex software as well as by the meaningful cause of our work.

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Welcome to our office in Espoo

Ecolane Finland’s office is located in the Spektri Business Park in Espoo, Finland – at the heart of the Finnish IT business. The office is easily accessible by public transport or own vehicle from all over the Helsinki capital area. Our team enjoys the modern facilities of the business park, including a gym and excellent lunch restaurants in the building.

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Meet Ms. Ardella

Something as simple as shopping for groceries can’t always be taken for granted – for some of us just getting there might be a challenge. At Ecolane we have been working for over 10 years to overcome this challenge. Efficiency in mind, our goal has been to help transit companies to meet their passengers’ needs. That’s how we enable the elderly and the disabled to maintain the active and independent life that they deserve. Please meet the 104-year-old Ms. Ardella and see how she feels about that.

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”This is a place where you can do interesting and challenging work without giving up your whole life to it. A good work-life balance is a long-term part of the working culture here.”

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“You have time to do your work well. This is a really big thing.”

“The best thing about working here is working together with smart people on something that you feel makes a difference.”

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“I find our product very interesting and the business is evolving all the time.”