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TRIPS/WSOS Community Action Case Study

Fremont, OH 

TRIPS/WSOS Community Action needed a solution that would improve efficiency for rural transit scheduling and dispatching...

TRIPS/WSOS Community Action provides general community public transportation and non-medical transportation services to Toledo, Sandusky, and Cleveland. They have a fleet of 15 vehicles and provide over 45,000 trips per year. A lot of their demand comes from rural communities that need paratransit services.

TRIPS/WSOS Community Action was struggling with the need for a solution that would improve efficiency for rural transit scheduling and dispatching. After making the switch, they were able to:

  • Increase rides per hour from 1.77 to 2.11
  • Decrease no-show rates by 35%
  • Increase overall operational efficiency

Download the case study to see how TRIPS/WSOS Community Action was able to achieve these metrics.

“The project manager was very organized and easy to work with. He provided very good training. It helps tremendously that he used to be a driver and dispatcher because he can relate to all staff levels. He also has a very calm demeanor, which helped create confidence in the software during the go-live implementation. We have over 26 hardware and software systems deployed in our organization and the implementation with Ecolane was one of the smoothest we have experienced.”
– Robin Richter, TRIPS/WSOS Community Action