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Empower your riders to take control of their destinations with Ecolane.  With continuous, real-time optimization, riders break free from traditional scheduling software.  Whether they book a trip three days or three hours in advance, they can be assured their drivers will arrive on time and transport them quickly and safely.

Serving as a catalyst at the intersection of demand-response transportation and on-demand transportation, Ecolane works by automatically adapting to changes in schedules and conditions as they are happening in real-time on the day of service.  That’s a game-changer for riders.


Fast.  Efficient.  Safe.  Ecolane proudly supports its 200 customers. We have your riders covered—no matter which direction your riders are traveling.


As customer demands and budgets continue to shift, transit agencies must plan with the future in mind and take the necessary steps towards building more efficient and effective transit operations. Ecolane can help. 

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Customer Case studies

Ecolane's class-leading software is able to address and overcome many of the challenges that transit agencies face. Our flexible solution will make your agency more efficient, profitable, and more user friendly.

See how Ecolane customers implemented our software and transformed the way their agency operates.

During your live demo, one of our transit software specialists will

  • Take the time to understand your agency's specific goals and requirements so they can customize your demo experience and show how to customize the software specifically for your agency.

  • Demonstrate how modern transit software can improve customer service, customer and driver safety, and resource management.

  • Teach you how to create optimized, real-time, logic-based schedules and custom reports.

  • Show you where productivity can be increased.

  • Answer any questions you may have about the platform.

Orange Background

"My operations team is truly elated by the batch and real-time optimization. We love that the system will automatically schedule the trips and it is flexible enough to accommodate all riders.”

– TeLeishia Holloway, Transit AdministratorOrange County Public Transportation