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A Story of Transit Success: Shoreline Metro

by Ecolane / March 28, 2016

Working with transit agencies across the country is always a rewarding experience for Ecolane, and seeing results achieved soon after a software implementation is even more exciting.  Ecolane likes to share the results of agencies who do things right and use them as examples for other implementations. Below is the case of a Wisconsin agency that was able to transform their operations with the help of modern transit software.

Based in Wisconsin's Sheboygan metro area, Shoreline Metro is a premier provider of public transportation services. With the ultimate goal of improving quality of life and complementing economic growth, Shoreline Metro works to deliver a better alternative to driving. Dedicated to providing its customers and communities with the most affordable, dependable and safe modes of transportation in the region, Shoreline Metro prides itself on being more than a transportation option, but rather a way of life. In addition to providing eleven different routes within the Sheboygan Metro Area, Shoreline Metro offers its customers and communities such specialized services as bus buddy programs, paratransit and county elderly and disabled services by Metro Connection (division of Shoreline Metro), and social media alerts to deliver a superior public transportation experience to its community.

Why implement a new solution?

Prior to engaging with Ecolane,  Metro Connection, Shoreline Metro’s in-house paratransit and specialized transportation services division, had been utilizing a software solution that created internal barriers and cumbersome processes that were extremely difficult to change due to the lack of flexibility the software offered. With clear, stated goals to gain additional control over revenue hours, increase hourly ridership, reduce the agency’s carbon footprint and better manage certain staff positions, Metro Connection realized its software solution was not up to the task and would hinder their growth. In an effort to find out a solution that fit its needs to increase its operational efficiencies, Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection enlisted the help and expertise of Ecolane.

The Results

Metro Connection worked closely with Ecolane throughout the entire implementation process and leveraged subsequent trainings and go-live assistance upon completion. Within the first 9 months of implementing Ecolane's platform, Metro Connection has seen significant results. Not only was Metro Connection able to increase efficiency throughout their agency, they were also able to reduce vehicle usage, increase hourly ridership, decrease vehicle revenue hours, decrease driver costs, and reduce the time it takes to manage reporting processes. In addition, the added time that Metro Connection was able to gain throughout this process allowed for a greater emphasis to be placed on delivering a great experience to its customers and community. Employees who had previously held scheduling roles were transitioned into liaisons, and premium service offerings allowing for same day and door-through-door services are now being considered for  the public. Metro Connection’s previous system did not have this ability.

Interested in learning more about the business challenges Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection were facing and how leveraging Ecolane’s transit software allowed them to achieve their goals and drive exceptional results? You can access the full Shoreline Metro case study, coming soon.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out.

Photo credit: Shoreline Metro

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